Importance of Art in your child's life
|   Feb 27, 2015
Importance of Art in your child's life


Art is the visual expression of our thoughts and feelings

Anything expressed beautifully appeals to our inner self

We want to see it again and again.

Visual representation of anything and everything is becoming more and more important

When we were children we expressed by writing, but today even a three year old is taught to display the words he learns in a visual form.

Art as a medium is very satisfying

Art uplifts the soul

Art gives beauty to life.

It is therapeutic; it is like meditation and helps people with handicaps overcome

It is used as a therapy for the disturbed mind

It flows from our beliefs and religion

It keeps our culture alive.

Through art we appreciate God’s creation

Man has expressed visually even before he learnt to write, as seen from cave paintings

Today art is an intrinsic part of our lives

Design, layout, colour, display are very important, be it clothes, furnishings, interiors, garden or construction.

Naturally we need many more artists and designers to fulfill this need.

We have designer machines, shoes, bags actually virtually everything

Art as a good career option has become extremely important.

In this highly competitive world drawing as a skill needs to be highly developed.

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