'The Creative ways of Mask Making with your Child'
|   Sep 07, 2016
'The Creative ways of Mask Making with your Child'

Culture Chauraha conducted a ten day workshop during the summer vacation for children. Each session was for 3 hours and the age of the participants varied from 8 to 14 years. No assistance was given and the children were encouraged to create their own Masks. The level of excitement and energy displayed by the young participants is visible in their finished MASKS. All children wear masks and enjoy playing with them. Walk into any Dushera or Diwali mela ground and you will find that all types and kinds of masks depicting mythological characters are being sold and worn. Come Christmas and Santa Claus Masks are there at all markets and red lights tempting the children. Unfortunately these masks are now made of plastic as then the cost is very little. Ritu Sangal conducting the Mask Making Workshop used bio-degradable and waste material to teach the nuances of this craft and encouraged the children to create their own features on the Masks.

Children like to draw faces. Two circle for eyes one for nose and another for a mouth in a larger circle makes for the simplest depiction . They can be made with any material and you can get as creative as you want.  We learnt to cut simple masks out of newspaper for the participants to get a feel of the topic and the proportion of a face. Old newspaper was easy as any number of faces were cut and discarded, till everybody got a feel of the face. Once the outer layout was decided we used  various sheets of coloured  paper to create interesting masks. To give a semblance of a face on the shell, all we needed to add are two eyes, one nose, two ears, a mouth a forehead and a chin in varying degrees of length and thickness. Once the basic idea was explained it was great fun to see the imagination of the participants run riot. Their creativity is there to see. I am posting images of the various stages of our work and the finished mask.  They were also taught to make masks ou of coconut shells. The imagination and the ideas which emerged and the freedom to play with the material led to the masks below. I am sure we can encourage our children to create their mythological Masks with environment friendly This Dushera and Diwali.


Masks made from coloured paper

3 D Masks made on Coconut shell


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