Are we Ruining our Kids?
|   Apr 11, 2017
Are we Ruining our Kids?

Kids are small growing plantlets whose blossom depends on our nature of nurturing them in the way or other. A correct ingredient , love, with the pinch of leathery scold is always a delicacy they need to be fed up with in order to equip them with the healthy nutrition for their coming lives.

Observing  the  kids around  me , I tried to find out the basic knick knacks we often do unknowingly, that are spoiling the kiddos in terms of Behaviour and Integrity. I have been able to list down few of them  , possibly relating to most of mothers and kids around.

  • Never place your child’s need or demands over other  family members ,not even if it is your spouse. Avoid running to him or her   frequently on insignificant calls.
  • Never   curb your  child with Brand names or specific  shops to buy their clothes or any other  accessories. Show them that outward appearance is least mattered   of all.
  • Don’t   prepare your   Menu  as per your child’s desires.  Inspite   give him/her what everyone else is eating no matter   he eats or not. It will make him more adaptable to the family and food.
  • Don’t side your child when he fights with his school fellows or neighbour  kids. Don’t run fighting with them as your child came weeping in front of you. Inspite , make them realise Bulleying and  fighting are part and parcel of life, “Shake Hand” is only solution.
  • When your child has disagreement with teacher never ever  favour him; not  at least  in front of him. Openly discuss about his actual problems to the teacher   without worrying about his hurt feelings.
  • Discipline your child when he/she acts up. Though everyone has their  own way to express his  feelings , emphasise on to be natural  and innocent.
  • Sign up your child for extra -curricular activities but not on the cost of your regular schedules  and  To- Dos. Let him learn that everyone’s   schedule is as equal as other family member’s. 
  • Don’t  Entertain your child the whole day. Try avoiding putting your tasks secondary in order to fulfill his first. Let him do something without you.·

     Above parenting hacks may seem to be a bit sinwy but believe me It would be like that Ayurvedic Immunity building syrup that would resist your child from being a psychologically and mentally weak Brat and develop into strong , self dependent,voracious and disciplined Being.

                                                   Happy Parenting!!!

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