Menstruation!!! It's time to break the TABOO!!!
|   Feb 17, 2017
Menstruation!!! It's time to break the TABOO!!!

An article in magazine today gave wave to the dilemma,which has been always a subject of revolt for me. I always questioned my mom the exclusive behaviour we girls faced since my teenage regarding Menstruation. 

I grew up in an environment where I wasn't allowed to touch anything except my bed sheet on which I slept for those days and set of utensils in which I ate.

Every morning,before sunrise ,I have to bathe, whatever the situation may be. My clothes and towel were put separately in the night itself.I was not allowed to touch anyone in house and entering kitchen and temple was like a punishable offence. 

And the 4th day was a "Big ritual" to perform.After a regular bath in morning I have to put a drop of water while coming out of bathroom so as to PURE myself.And touch a bit of it to gold earrings and sprinkle it in every corner of room I slept for these days for "SHUDDHIKARAN "!!!!

Really!!! Was it really needed. This personal narrative is story of almost every Indian girl on a stage or other. Excluding ourselves when some guests are home , by not touching trays and glasses make them realise ( even if he is man or boy) that your Periods were going on. In a family function Your mom allots  you a separate chair to sit and No work at all, realising every one present there that you are menstruating.

Diffrent beliefs from different region. Some says We are goddesses this time and can't go to public places like a normal human being. Some says we are "Shudhra" These 4 days and are not allowed to touch anything. Whatever!!!

Menstruation is natural phenomena and is not restricted to any certain region.All blessed women suffer this natural cause and it should be her own choice " How to deal with it". She want to relax or want to celebrate, it's totally her descrenation. Instead of making it HUSH HUSH subject we should openly talk about it to our teenage daughters as well as sons. We should make them comfortable by taking it as a normal phenomenon of a female homo sapien just like other natural processes of our body.

However, the real change comprise the change in mindset of society we live in but Charity begins at home. Never teach your child to carry the unchanged legacies just because you couldn't make it to change. Explain your notion to them but never force them to follow .

 Allow them set their own rules of coping up with it. Let Make them their own conduct to go through it . And bless them a Happy Menstruation!!!!

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