A fearful mom - part 2
|   Aug 12, 2016
A fearful mom - part 2

Earlier people used to justify this woman/girl went out during night that's why she got raped, this woman/girl wore revealing clothes that excites men and that's why she got raped, this women went out alone that's why she got raped, 

Now, where are all such people when a women gets raped when she was out with her brother, father or husband and for that matter with all three together, where are these people when a women wearing a simple sari which is so called Bhartiya Sanskriti attire gets raped, where are these people when a 4 year old girl coming back from school and wearing simple school dress gets raped?

I simply fail to understand what are we lacking, what would happen if somebody takes the responsibility of the mishap ? What will happen if some or the other high position principal resigns? What will happen if some police inspector gets suspended? What will happen if at every nook and corner one guard or policemen is installed ? Will that help the family or the victim come out of the trauma? Will that ensure  no crime at all? What will happen if 5 men armed with weapons go on to commit a crime ? Will that guard alone be able to safeguard that area? How does a app come to rescue in such cases? Will the criminal allow victim to take out the phone, unlock it, open the app and press a button before committing a crime ? What will happen if there is a lady teacher or a lady attendant in a school bus, can't the male attendant try to molest the teacher in the first place ?

The real need of the hour lies in amendments being made to Indian Judicial System. I understand Hinduism or for that matter none of the religion allows us to end a life, however, the way a murder is justifiable in case of self defence, this harsh capital punishment should be treated the same way once proved. 

Fear should be in the mind of criminal and not general public. Any criminal should be aware and thus be vary of the consequences even before the thought to commit such horrendous crime crosses his mind.

I Wish every mother could mix humanity with her milk while feeding it to her babies which is strong enough to not get hampered under anyone's influence and stays with them till eternity.

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