Ancient Wisdom In A Modern Packet! Nazar Na Lage!
|   Sep 08, 2016
Ancient Wisdom In A Modern Packet! Nazar Na Lage!

As I mentioned in my last post, lately we, as a family, are having more discussions on different aspects of Indian traditions, Hindu rituals, and anything Desi. Somehow, everything gets related to something that has its roots in our culture. My son prods to know the scientific reason/logic behind anything we follow.

As we came back from our week-long trip, sudden weather change played its role and both of my supermen (My hubby and my son) caught a cough and cold. As they were sneezing and coughing, I was trying to keep pace with their increased demand for help. Gradually, they both developed fever and lying side-by-side and comforting each other as I was busy with other chores.

That's when my husband received a call from his mother who wanted to know about their health conditions. While they both were talking, my son was hearing all one sided conversation. When my mom-in-law mentioned 'Nazar Utarna' (ousting evil eye) and some 'Gharule Nuskhe' (Home-made remedies), my son's ears perked up.

He asked his father, after finishing the call, what is it 'Nazar Utarna'? As I was passing by, My hubby very conveniently passed on the question to me and told him, “Mamma can explain better."

His questioning eyes turned towards me. I never want my child to go unanswered for any kind of question and that answer has to be logical enough to satiate his quench for knowledge.

Though I am not an expert in parenting, I have learned through my own trial & error methods. In my earnest efforts, I try to give as much true reply to his questions as possible.

I thought for a while on how to explain this thing to him which is considered more of a superstition and not to make him have any doubt on his granny's wisdom simultaneously. In the process of nurturing a new generation, we should not make them believe that older one is not logical enough.

Me: As you know beta, every living-being carries some energy (in the form of some Electromagnetic Waves) which could be positive or negative depending on their mental condition and attitude like you feel so happy in the company of a particular teacher or a friend. So, your own brainwaves certainly interact with the waves of others around you. If a person is looking at you with ill-intentions, he/she certainly has those uncomfortable waves emitting from him/her, which are unpleasant to you and your body. These waves might harm you in the same manner as any germ can if your own immunity is low. When you get affected, you just need to oust this negativity in and around your body. In layman language, this is called as 'Nazar Utarna'.

He: So what should we do to protect ourselves from such harmful waves?

Me: Like we improve our immunity against any infection by eating right and exercise, we can improve our immunity against these harmful waves by being positive, doing meditation, reading good texts and not getting indulged in negative things.

He: O yes Mamma! Dadi also told about some 'Kaadha' (a concoction made from some herbs) and eating 'Dabur Chyawanprash' regularly. How does that help in improving our immunity?

Me: Beta! all these herbs are our ancient treasure. Sages worked really very hard for countless years and made remedies for different health issues and to boost our immunity. That branch of medicine is called Ayurveda. Chyawanprash is also one of them - one of our ancient wisdom. It contains some 50 ayurvedic herbs and helps in maintaining good metabolism and immunity.

He: Mamma can I have a spoonful of that 'Magic Chyawanprash' now? I want to be in the pink of health again.

Me (Happily): Of course my son! You yourself were not getting ready to eat it. However, I am happy now that you have understood its importance. Soon you will see a difference in your body's capability to fight against germs.

Meanwhile, my hubby, who was listening to our conversation intently, winked at me and smiled. I caught his EM wave which was whispering 'Lovely Wifey! How beautifully you convinced him' ;)

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