Valentine's Week Special!!
|   Feb 12, 2016
Valentine's Week Special!!
Yesterday I was out for my dental appointment and visited a gift shop adjacent to the clinic. While I was busy finalizing something for the birthday girl, a middle-aged guy approached the shopkeeper and asked for a medium sized 'teddy bear, in red color'. Shopkeeper showed him a few, but he was insisting on getting red only. As I overheard his demand, I was fazed for a split second as why in red color only? Then it struck to me, 'Oh! he must have been bitten by Valentine's Week bug'. 
I may sound too unromantic to some or a boring type, I have never been interested in Valentine's Week.

I remember some couple of years back, I and one of my friend were discussing the same thing. After getting to know my views about all this gifting thing, she was all but calm. In fact, she was furious with me. She too was of the opinion to celebrate the day/week like others of our age (then).
She: "What's wrong in expecting your beau to keep you gifting something for a week? Can't he do this much for us?"
Me: "I am not saying there is something wrong in this. Who does not love gifts and surprises? My point is I don't see it something that important to fight upon." 
She: "You mean that we don't have any right to get upset if he can't remember such a small thing?"
(I could recall that last year her hubby forgot to bring her a 'red-color-heart-shaped cushionon 'Promise Day' & she did not talk to him until she got one.)
Me: "I mean that why to get upset on such a 'Small Thing' (as you yourself have quoted just now)."
We continued for a while with our perspectives. & Then disappointed with my views, she did not talk to me for a week. ;)

I really don't love teddy bears or roses more than my hubby. For a record, he never gifted me any. We were friends during college days. When he expressed his affinity for me, he did not wait for Valentine's Day/Week. After few couple of years, when I decided to reciprocate his feelings, I didn't do that on Valentine's Day either. I don't expect anything special on or before 14th Feb & he is happy to take no pains. Every day is our day of love with an occasional bout of fights and arguments.  

They say it's the day to express your love. but as love knows no boundaries, so does it know no date or week.

Some may say that even if you are prosperous, you don't celebrate Diwali/Holi/X-mas daily. You do it once in a year. Then what's wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day? Nothing wrong, I accept. But why to stereotyping it. To make my point clearer, let me explain it with an example.

I happened to watch one episode of 'Gumrah' on 'Channel V' where few boys & girls were planning to celebrate Valentine's Day with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Boys were planning a day out with some movie, lunch in some fancy restaurants, some expensive gift & and in return.......getting some action. Boys will be boys! 
Then they showed girls part.
Girl 1: "Our boyfriends are planning a day out on Valentine's Day. Let's see who plans it in a better way? & who gets the best gift?"
Girl 2: "I have told mine that I want a smartphone."
Girl 1: "O' wow!! Smartphone. You rock baby!!"
Then they both took a look at 'Girl 3' to know about her plans. Girl 3 was apprehensive as her boyfriend seems not to have shown much interest.
Girl 3: "I don't know what is he planning? But it must be something special as he is not telling me anything. I'll make his time special too if he does something special for me." & they all giggled. 

I was appalled by their approach. What are they thinking (considering 'Gumrah' shows real stories)? Getting expensive gifts, dining in fancy restaurants and in return, getting intimate with their young boyfriends who are still not out from schools/colleges. what kind of love expression is this? 
These marketing tactics of presenting your love with roses, chocolates, cards have taken completely different dimensions. Young girls are ready to get intimate with their boyfriends if they get back something to flaunt. Marketing strategies don't segregate their consumers while targeting, as independent, matured & young adults or still-in-school/college students who starts idolizing the things as they are shown. They have hazy criteria to differentiate between 'true love' & 'show-offs'. New age technology further misguides them sometimes & they end up falling in some traps. 
Celebrate your day of love with the love of your life with a heart full of love, not with a bag full of gifts. Celebrate each day as your day of love. Wish one and all on this day. Don't limit your wishes with gifts and chocolates or expensive smartphones. 
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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