The BIG Dilemma
|   Jan 16, 2016
The BIG Dilemma

"Generally any decision taken is the best possible option available at that time but whether that decision was right or wrong, is decided after a passage of its maturing time."

I am a working woman and I was in a big dilemma of whether to be or not to be "A Mother". Being married for four years, the parents already went crazy reciting that its high time to have kids as we were the odd ones in the cohort. Needless to say that every conversation followed with numerous reason to have kids from my biological clock ticking to the child's " proper" age during our retirement.They also had some really silly reasons too like the family portrait will look odd, I mean seriously??. Should the decision of taking such a huge responsibility and bringing up a life on earth be forced for a nice family portrait??  

Though our lives literally became a social issue, I was adamant that unless and until am not ready to be a mother, I won't. Whenever I used to share my thoughts with my family and friends that I don't feel any cuddly emotion after seeing a baby rather it's quite the opposite, I was welcomed with an expression as if am an alien and no one ever on earth was supposed to feel like that for a baby. It made me wonder sometimes that is it only me or are there more aliens like me here and thank God I met a few.Knowing the crest and troughs of delivering a child even worsened the situation and made the feeling of not going for it grow stronger. I wasn't sure whether it's the painful process of child delivery or it's the despicable feeling for babies that makes me so "intolerant" but was sure about one thing that I don't want any kids.

But something happened. I went to meet a friend of mine post her delivery and saw a small, pink-colored specy (which was no way lookalike of human) with tiny hands holding her mother's finger and sleeping  by her side in serenity.  There was something magical about the moment and that's when the cupid struck me. I was so much in love with the feeling of being a mother and my dilemma was over.

Finally I decided to be "A Mother" and as I said it takes maturing time to decide whether the decision is right or wrong. When I saw her for the first time holding my finger and sleeping by my side in serenity I knew the decision was right.

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