A Different Celebration on Mother's Day!
|   May 19, 2016
A Different Celebration on Mother's Day!

It was a classic Mother’s Day for me. Breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolates (which my 3 year old devoured) and a trip to the salon. For being so nice to me, I had to reward the father-daughter duo. I suggested an evening in DLF Place, Saket where we could shop around a bit and then grab a bite. It was certainly a fun idea for my daughter and torture for her father who hates going to malls. But the Mother’s Day magic was still on and he couldn’t refuse.

The 3 of us walked hand in hand and went straight to Hamleys. I was aware that they would have a lovely event and I wanted my daughter to enjoy it. I must say, it was my husband’s first trip to the toy store and he was not complaining anymore. He was so fascinated by the range of toys and games displayed. Excitedly, he started trying out the remote control cars while I took Ivia to the event corner. Of course, since it was Mother’s day, the event was about the same. On seeing Ivia, the friendly instructor held her hand and guided her to take a seat. They were making Mother’s Day cards from some lovely craft material provided. It was amazing how each child used the bits of paper differently to make cards. I could see one dad cajoling his daughter to quickly make the card as her mother was joining in and she wanted to surprise her. Since Ivia is a little small on card making, the instructor spent a lot of time assisting her and I could see Ivia was having a good time. I also observed that those children who were not keen on making cards were given sheets to colour. Ivia finished making her card and since she couldn’t write anything, the instructor held her hand to help her. I was quite touched by the level of attention the kids were getting. Ivia then insisted on colouring the sheet as well. My husband was blissfully unaware all this time as he was lost in playing with his remote control car. Ivia hid the card and sheet on the pretext of surprising me. I played on for her amusement. She then went to her father and they both agreed to give me the card over dinner.

We happily walked out of Hamleys when Ivia innocently asked, “Mamma, can we come again tomorrow?”. I assured her we would come the next weekend as I was sure Hamleys would have exciting events in store. In fact, my husband, who till now hated malls, volunteered to bring Ivia. So much change in day! This was indeed the best Mother’s Day. Thank you Hamleys!

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