Love Shopping? Go Online!
|   Jan 12, 2016
Love Shopping? Go Online!

Motherhood is full of surprises. When I stepped into the role, that is, when I discovered I was pregnant, I pictured a yummy mummy version of me strutting into Select CityWalk Mall – one hand pushing my baby’s pram and another holding a designer bag and walking out with loads of shopping bags. I got a reality check when my baby was born. Bum! I was stuck in the house and wouldn’t dare to venture out with my little one. In fact my life’s clock was adjusted to my princess’s timings. My dream was shattered. How was I supposed to buy those beautiful outfits, those soft blankets, those adorable booties for my baby? I had gone through my entire pregnancy visualizing buying these adorable things for my baby and now I was imprisoned for life it seemed.

Midway through my pregnancy, I had got to know from my mother in law that we were not allowed to buy outfits and other baby essentials before the baby arrived. Adhering to her wishes, I postponed the entire shopping for baby episode. Result: Utter panic and confusion! For the first 13 days, my baby was supposed to wear used clothes that we had borrowed from relatives, but what after that? My baby received a lot of gifts but most of it was either wrong size or something I wouldn’t ever want her to wear. Seeing my despair, my friend suggested Online Shopping. Initially I was apprehensive over the quality of products and sharing credit card details. But as soon as I visited the #Flipkart site a few times, I was hooked. They had an entire range of baby and maternity products. With the Cash on Delivery (COD) option, my fears over money exchange too vanished.

During the sleepless nights of feeding my baby and changing diapers, I logged on and checked out the baby clothing range. I selected a pack of 3 T-shirts for my baby and bought it. Within 3 days, on my baby’s 13th day, her new clothes arrived. My mother in law was so impressed with the packing and the service. She was amazed that I could buy anything simply by sitting at home. This was just the beginning. After this, I bought her diapers, wipes from Flipkart’s Baby Care section and even shopped to suffice my maternity needs related to Feeding and Nursing. So even during the 40 day period of staying at home, I could stock up on every necessity for my baby and me just by a few clicks comfortably without being dependent to anyone else.

Even as my baby grew up, I preferred shopping online for her. Carrying my baby into crowded street markets was torturous for her and extremely tiring for me. I could only accomplish half of my shopping list, which meant I needed to go again and again. Have you tried feeding your baby in trial rooms? And changing diapers in the middle of the road since you are street shopping? Not a good experience at all! Rising parking costs and travel expenses meant I was paying too much to get that 1 item of clothing. Online shopping saved me from these nightmares. In fact, being a regular shopper gave me excellent online deals and discounts. So it was pocket friendly and comfortable.

As my daughter was turning 1, we were to celebrate her first birthday. I had started hunting for her birthday dress 2 months in advance but didn’t like anything. Finally, I turned to online shopping and selected a beautiful dress for her. Luck might be, I selected the wrong size. When it arrived, my mother in law excitedly opened it and put it on my daughter. It was too big. We panicked! Better sense prevailed a while later and I checked the return options. A few clicks and it was done. Next day, the dress was picked up and 2 days later, we got the perfect birthday dress for my baby. So all those of you who are shying away from online shopping, just give it a try. No matter how much you try, shopping with kids is a huge task. So don’t hesitate and give it a shot. The #AllIndiaBachchaParty hilariously throws some light on #‎HowToShopForKids. Watch it here

Now, even when my daughter is almost 3, I still prefer the online version. And the best thing is that she enjoys it too. Though she is just 3, she is a typical girl!! She loves pink and is a shoe lover like me. In fact, each time she sees me with my open laptop, she sits next to me and says, “Mama, Dress, Shoes…I want!”. So just for the fun of it, I log on to Flipkart and show her dresses and footwear and she chooses. Whenever a package arrives, she knows it is for her and excitedly opens it. It is like receiving a gift each time.

Shopping for kids is not as easy as it sounds. It is a herculean task. Online Shopping is like a boon to Mothers – old and new.

PS: Sneak in a few garments/bags/shoes for yourself too :) :)

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