Pretty Pots and Scrapbook Décor – Bring it on!
|   May 19, 2016
Pretty Pots and Scrapbook Décor – Bring it on!

After a leisurely Sunday lunch of rajma chawal, I settled in bed for my afternoon siesta. As I was only falling asleep, my 3 year old ran in almost jumping on me. “WHAT? Let me sleep!!” , I yelled. She reminded me, “Mamma, Toy Shop! Let’s gooooo!”. I had to get out of bed for this one. Quickly we got ready realizing that we were going to be late. Thankfully traffic was light on the Delhi roads owing to the Sunday and we reached just in time.

By now, since we are regulars at Hamleys, we were greeted with knowing smiles from the staff. My daughter rushed to the event corner, ignoring the toys. I was amazed. How much interest has Hamleys generated even in a 3 year old? Ivia almost hugged Pravisha, who is the event co-ordinator from City Sproutz. I was met by mothers and children who come in every weekend and they were all waiting impatiently for Pravisha to talk about today’s event. As she removed small pots from the bag with a set of paints, the children almost squealed. They understood that they were going to paint the pots. Those children who did not want paint were handed a big box of Lego. Hamleys was running out of space with kids coming in large numbers. Pravisha guided them patiently; first helping them paint the pots with the base colour after which they had a free hand in what they wished to paint. The result was fabulous. Such bold strokes and eye catching colour combinations! I was amazed to see 5-6 year olds paint so well and enjoying themselves too. The mothers looked on, proud of their babies. Ivia did experiment with a mish mash of all the colours and her pot turned out to be rather colourful.

The children excitedly asked the staff if something else was planned too. The answer was Yes! Scrapbook decoration followed pot painting for the next hour and suddenly all evening plans were cancelled. Watching the children engage in such lovely activities put the parents at ease too and they all gave in. There were many parents who walked in later with their kids when the event was almost done. However, there was no need for them to be disappointed as Hamleys and City Sproutz are bringing in these various fun activities every weekend of May and first weekend of June in all the Hamleys stores. Regular visits to their website and Facebook page will keep you updated on upcoming events. A big shout out to all the parents out there – Get your kids away from TV and let them engage in these educative and fun events. You will be amazed at the creativity these lil munchkins have!

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