A day outing @ Innovative Film city
|   Nov 02, 2015
A day outing @ Innovative Film city


How to engage kids when there is along weekends especially in Bangalore where traffic is a major havoc my concern is always to find best time to reach the place keeping traffic in place so the place to visit will take a back seat even if we are interested in visiting some interesting place .Its always a mall visit which is clubbed with some grocery shopping and window shopping where kids get bored moms sometime has to leave the things they have shopped at billing counters one because of long ques and other kid would have lost all the patience would be so cranky that will end with some junk food.

Next option was to find a place that kids would you love and enjoy and the way  to it should not have bumper to bumper traffic.  After talking to few friends decided a place  Innovative Film city. Since i live in  South Bangalore took Nice road to reach Innovative Film city around 10 am. Entry charges before 3pm is 599 after they would charge 399 per person but i bought tickets on Groupon www.groupon.in that cost me 399 only.


My daughter was super excited as she arrived at the place mom is this a palace ? With lots  Questions in her mind she kept moving as we entered a group of performers were dancing to the hit songs of Bollywood she could not stop herself started to dance for some time then her concentration moved towards people who queuing for their turn for Bow and arrow. Quickly she ran i assumed she will just go and grab a bow no i was wrong instead she went and stood in Que and waited for her turn that did amaze me  but later took her dads help yeah we did  it .Then moved on checked few footwear she was so happy to get some pair for her ethnic wear.



Magic show by a magician from Rajasthan was outstanding best part of the show was kids were involved in some tricks  specially the one which left fragrance on the kids hand of the flower which children named my daughter was literally  mesmerized with the unique experience and wanted everyone to smell her hand. Took a horse ride her mom and dad running beside her for most funny part she couldn't stop giggling the whole ride then some saw farm and pet animals. Visit old ancient home and the things used in early days kept her amazed



Selfie and few pictures with her favorite Disney character  different pose i was tired but she wasn't in the wax museum spent long time narrating the story ohh lot of fun.

Not to miss mirror maze and Ripley believe it or not it was a new experience for both of us with bunch of questionnaire managed few to answer  some answer she was not convinced though then reached in front of ghost house stepped in but she was scared so just came out and went to dinosaur museum and park it was lot of walking tired but kept us going only seeing my daughter enthusiasm .

With T- Rex 


War zone



Tour ended  with lot of fun and learning only food court over there was pathetic looked very unhygienic.Try to become kids with kids only then we to can enjoy just relived my childhood which was must needed break.

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