Angel with Magical Wand
|   May 05, 2015
Angel with Magical Wand

                                         God Could Not Be Everywhere, So He Created Mother's

In India  mom's are mostly refered as " MOTHER INDIA"  all credit goes to our very own Bollywood.Be that real or reel life mom's have always stood by their kids from day one .My journey of motherhood started with that first glance at my angel with all that pain and Happiness at that moment it was feeling of mixed emotions didn't know should i cry or smile at her. I still remember giving that strict instruction to Doctor that our bundle of joy to be first shown to her father. May it was a magical touch or unknown unsaid feeling her father Named her SPARSHA.

In this small span there was lot of learning,compromises,happiness,love,sleepless night,stress,unspoken words that mom translated to other,master the art of sterilization process, new recipes were discovered,strangers became friends,park visit, shopping,best is birthday parties, i think list is never ending it will go on and on.  

It is very difficult to recollect and dot down everything because as when i start lot of things comes to my mind and there are no words i get to write that matches my feeling. It is impossible to replicate moms feeling on white paper with ink though i would love to share few.

Once my mom said just rinse the dropller with hot water and me with all my  knowledge on sterilization kept the dropler In hot water for few minutes to sterilize thanks to our pharma companies to best quality what i see the plastic tube is bent into "U" shape hahahaha my mom did't i tell you i have taken care of you n your sister. i have been so caution on food safety creating havoc's for other  always telling about sanitation its importance why it should be taught to kids at early stage of life so  that becomes a habit for kids and they practice in daily life.

My daughter was a fussy eater i never gave up tried all permutation and combination with recipes. i went a one step a head to know more on nutrition i took up PG Diploma in Nutrition course and principles of Nutrition and also landed Nutrition Quotient. 

Mom are the only one can be as craziest and comes with most weird ideas to make or see her kid happy n smile. In return a magical Hug we get is a healing therapy from our little one. 

I do agree forcing the kid for any activities is wrong but to motivate them towards it is a great thing at least try introduce new thing be that dancing singing swimming and so on not that they would be master one day but  as physical activity which is much needed in today's sedentary lifestyle were most of us fall in.

A small conversation with my daughter it was the time when i enrolled her in dance class a week after she refused to go reason being she did't like the warm up session and she wanted to do her own choreography. Later she continued with all the bribes that i had to give her 6 months later she competed in solo dance competition she was so overwhelmed  with all the attention cheer applause she got ,mom thank you  and big tight hugs for pushing me this one is energy booster we moms get is amazing i must say.

These days My 6 year old reads my mind she walks up to me and asks mom aren't you in good mood today is there something bothering you ? did i misbehave tell me mama what is it ? ok its my treat you can use my money from piggy bank lets go out.... 

Each one of us have different story to share but with same moral An unexplained relationship love bond caring to name few probably when god created MOM he himself did't know that she would be  the best of his creation .
This is for all MOM'S & would be MOM'S out there on  #MothersDay Please do share your story

 - to be continued


Sushma Prakash

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