India’s 1st International Children's Festival - Banglore
|   Nov 25, 2015
India’s 1st International Children's Festival - Banglore


                                    Definitely a retreat i must say for kids of Bangalore  which  was unique experience lucky kids got break from usual mall visits or getting bored while their moms were shopping to be more precise window shopping . It was two day festive on 7th and 8th of November hosted by Tribe Asia at Bhartiya City . Me and my friend was there on second day with our kids . Since girls wanted to meet their favorite cartoon character Dora and others though we insisted on first day they were not interested to go for the festival.we started as early around 9:30 as we had to reach from south to North Bangalore pretty long journey kids were so excited they wanted to reach the venue as  soon as possible  it was more or less like a outstation trip credit goes to bad road and terrific traffic .Finally reached at the venue half sleep little cranky but when they saw the color  full  entrance they were spellbound just wanted to rush in. Clicked few pics at entrance and then moved on what a counter to start with hmmm

Salt dough baking: Very interesting colorful hand full of work to be done at this counter the kids who had registered their name  waited patiently for their turn near the stall. To start with they had given dough with which kids had mix well and make it in to a ball then flatten it and cut it in to a desired shape kids had lot of shapes to select from like deer, tiger, x mas tree, heart shape to name few. These cut molds were taken and baked in a oven for about 15 to 20 mins.By they  had something else also to be done a Caterpillar or a cup cake it was amazing to see their eagerness to learn with each one calling out Mam Mam to get their work done.After baking they had to color decorate it with glitters middle of that they could hear a announcement on Dora on stage they made sure mom took care of their place and dough quickly ran saw Dora and then rushed back to table.

Puppet making -  This counter had 5 different puppet making like doll or butterfly (using ice cream stick)  Fish, Dragon or Cat(with socks and cotton).Lots of self made things to be carried back home. 

Pottery & clay modelling: A small vase and turtle was a quite challenging and new to learn .Also side by they had kite making.

Martial Arts:Here they had 20 mins of workshop nice way to introduce new outdoor activity.

Photography: Light camera action basic knowledge to handle SLR CAMERA for tiny hands and some info on angles and light to be kept in mind while clicking pics.

Artificial wall climbing was adventures treat for kids as today's kids are more into indoor with their gadgets it was truly good inclusion in this festival thumbs up for this.

Food  court not much to offer though but good enough.

Petting Zoo: Encounter with domestic animals petting feeding playing with them was a unique experience specially kids who were doing it to first time .To list  Sheep,goat,rabbit,Dogs,cow,calf and guinea pigs.

Archery: woohooo kids were shouted no end to their happiness when they struck bulls eye.

Workshops on topics like Robotics sound and Air was more interesting with simple learning and some activity gave a opportunity kids a new edge of learning practically.

It was complete kids party when Dora Motu Patlu and Ninja Hattori was on the stage.

                                          It was much needed break for a family and  was a perfect whether too with sun playing hide and seek cloudy kids enjoyed whole day.lovely place garden landscape with kids friendly. Disheartening for kids there was no pony ride and a dance workshops as it was mentioned in what to expect   in my personal view i felt that outdoor activity must been more than indoor thing never the less it was amazing show organizers must try and keep up their word  as today's kids they know want and they are particular about it.We need to buy their time for their fun time. 

Kids discovered their own play area how innovative they can be just amazed.


Happy Festival time!!!!!   #KhuljayeBachpan

Sushma Prakash

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