There is girl in every women
|   Mar 09, 2016
There is girl in every women

              The women word always sounds  which has lot of weight age as, it comes with lot of responsibility  most of them says but why it has to be women who has to take responsibility and is answerable for any  home related issue.

How can one define A Women?

Is it 

A promotion of girl to next level by chance and not by choice. One who takes care of a family or one should? one who pretends to be physically strong but in real  i wonder how can one be fit or strong as she would be first to get up by the breakfast time she finds the very little quantity  to eat as one the family members would have asked for some more why is that it, has to be shared from her portion.Now these are common scenario happens in every home whom to be blamed why would a women compromise is it that unconditional love for the family making her do these things or she is not ready to pass on the responsibility to others . how can one explain this ? a women possessiveness to her job or wish to full fill the commitment that she never did but  she assume only she can accomplish  nobody knows .

There are some who are in the process of becoming super women this is not a race  i have personally seen women treating their body like machine which is running not stop day and night with out a break mentally they are so strong they have trained their mind in such a way  that she thinks we can't afford to fall sick or i am strong  morning alarm is only for me.

All you super mom and women please live a guilt free life.Plan a holiday only with your partner  or a dinner it can be any thing of your interest without kids its not a crime you feel good about it when you treat yourself.Most of the women take their health for granted which has to taken care at right time.  Its never late i learnt it from my daughter while  we were learning about lesson family.It was a simple question how does your mom help a family? Ans: Cook. Me on other side was waiting for long list but  she could not  say more than a cook i was taken back couldn't digest fact  after learning the truth of my life living in small pond with no identity or taking out time do what i like to.No i have changed the way i look life thanks to my little angel who made me realize sooner or later as me being a role model to her i do not wanted her to follow my footprints  am in process of motivating lot more mom join me.

Bring out that girl in you she is hidden don't let her die inside.Life is short live every bit of it don't just Dream make memories it need  be in a bigger way start with small one .


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