How I connect with you on Education
|   Aug 03, 2017
How I connect with you on Education

After putting my kids to sleep at 1 AM, I looked through my agenda of the day. There was a request to write something for the festival of education with abundant suggestions for prospective topics. The topics which would already be highlighted by the eminent guests at the upcoming conference. Where would my copy pasted edited article from india today or times stand out against the IIT Director or Shabana Azmi. Then, I realised that I am invited as somebody who has done something for herself. Why not be the same self which has made me reach where I am today. My education and my understanding of the world can not be underated just because of the fact that I may not be as successful and as famous as the other eminent personalities who are part of this initiative. I too am a women, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister-in-law and an entrepreneur. My company is not as big as Ambanis and neither my aspirations are. My father was not as successful as an IIT Director nor my husband is as famous as Javed Akhtar Saab. What matters is how I connect with you and what impact I leave on you when there is nothing I can take away from you or nothing you can take away from me. This impact comes from education. It gets you through all barriers. This education is not just my gold medal in Maths, this education is also the time when I failed to find the value of ' x'. This education is not just finding the solutions, this education is finding the problems. My education is not just getting the degree, my education is also dealing with a difficult boss. If it does not prepare you for challenges, education is nothing but a mere certificate.  This is how education should be. It should not only come from the books and formulas but thoughts and experiences. It is only because of education, that sitting in Delhi I am able to communicate to the world. Technology is the most evolved form of education which brings physicality to the brilliant thoughts and ideas. Education never ends, its an on going process of learning and improvisations. 

I have grown up on inspirational stories on ants and not on elephants. I will convey my message my way. If you are reading my article, can you please tell me the name of the Director of London University? No. Do you know my name? However small you may be, there is something in every one which is unique and there is always a chance of being better than what we are. Education is vulnerable in the extent that it is useless if it is not build upon. You can never get enough. The spirit of learning should always be there.

Language is the medium of communication and a method of getting the message across. It cannot be the hindrance between me and my readers. I got a call from someone suggesting to write in very good grammer as Shabana Azmi may read it. The first thought that came to my mind was " it would be very good, she would correct me then". Being a professional writer myself, I know how important it is to have every comma and vowel in place but these full stops and puns are not coming between you and me. Are they? Lets simplify life and help each other. Do not judge me if there are mistakes, lights are off and its getting difficult to write. 

I do not know if I had chosen a hefty topic for my article and copied from some research paper or internet, how would that have turned out. Many are earning their bread and butter by copying the works and assessments of others. This blogathon is indeed a very applausable initiative of Government of Rajasthan by honourable chief minister Vasundhra Raje. Mam, I love your saarees and smiles. 

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