Save Time and Money- Easy hacks for new moms
|   Apr 11, 2017
Save Time and Money- Easy hacks for new moms

Being a mother is the toughest job in this whole wide world. You have one tiny soul completely dependant on you for everything. Being a new mom it becomes difficult to adjust to your new role due to lack of experience. And if you are staying alone with no help it becomes even more difficult. When baby is just on milk it seems a bit better because you dont need to plan menus,find recipes,feed them for hour long sessions. But as you start them on solids you have to cook for them every single time,even if you are not cooking for yourselves. Now how to deal with it,you need to find out the shortcuts or quick fixes. Let me share some of things I did and still do-

1. Always keep boiled potato,some extra dough and roasted sooji in your fridge. That way you are always available with 2 dishes. One is mashed potato and 2nd is sooji porridge.(you can do lot of other dishes too with sooji like upma,sooji halwa,apple sooji kheer,banana sooji porridge) And both can be given right from 6 months of age. 

2. Roast some dal and chawal well, grind them and your homemade khichdi cerelac is ready. Just boil it with water add ghee and seasoning and feed.

3. Make fruit and vegetable purees without any water and freeze them in ice trays and once freezed put them in zip lock bags. Use them later for making any type of food.

4. Easiest food to make is smoothies. Just add all the veggies and fruits you want your baby to eat with 1/4 cup of curd and blend. Voila!! Super quick,easy and nutritious breakfast for your kid is ready and you dont need to worry about the nutrition.

Now that food is sorted. Lets have a look on how to save money on clothes. As we all know babies need so many clothes every 2 months and if you are living in north india then you need every type of cloth,right from without sleeves to full stuffed jackets. Now once baby outgrow them what will you do with them. Lets see-

#1 is never buy too many clothes for baby. Always buy 2 dresses at a time and if you are feeling overwhelmed and want to go crazy shopping for your little one buy few dresses of bigger size(not too big,we dont want our babies to look like a sack). This way you dont have to rush to the market every other month,just bring out those extra bought and dress up your baby.

#2 Now as we have to buy all sorts of clothes like full sleeves tshirts,without sleeve tshirts, onesies and so on. What I do is when onesies bought in winters stop fitting my son I cut them up,hem and make them tshirts. Same I do with full sleves tshirts, cut the sleeves and make them half sleeves tshirts and if its still fitting him in more hotter season just let go half sleeves too and make them without sleeves breezy tshirts.

As we all know toddlers need so many clothes. My son changes his clothes 4 times in a day due to spilling,crawling, playing in park etc etc. So during these times these clothes comes handy. 

#3 Winters wears should always be bought of bigger sizes,specially your jackets because baby is going to wear those jackets as the upper most layer while having atleast 3 layers before that so jacket should be big enough to accomodate all three layers. 

#4 Donot buy too many shoes or slippers. They are waste of money. A baby's foot size changes every 2 months. And in case of shoes you can  never buy bigger sizes because then it wont fit well and baby will not be comfortable walking. 

Hope these tips will help new moms out there and if you guys have any tips please share in comments section so that we all can reap the benefit.

Happy Parenting!!

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