Three Exciting Variants For #Mango Lovers
|   Apr 13, 2017
Three Exciting Variants For #Mango Lovers

OMG, its mango time mummy “aap muje mango nahi dete ho, me jaldi se big ban jaunga mango kha kar” Says my little prince, he needs mango all the time. And all time he told me to give him mango in a bowl or in glass and so on. My kiddo knew very well that where I put mangoes in my refrigerator. I can’t play any trick to keep him away from mango. No worry kids love mangoes in any form.

As we all know that summer is on its way so, I think it’s time to share some yummy tempting delicious mango recipes. I know people of all ages love mango madly, and if mango comes then, adults became like kids. When I was the kid, I love to eat mango and papa gets full tokri for all of us to enjoy our favorite fruit. My kid also loves mango and wants to eat by adding variants.

Today I am sharing some mango made different desserts which are also suitable for all ages.

Every single time I decide to try these dishes, I would not have one of the essential ingredients, mango and my husband – who was not a big lover of mango, doesn’t even show any enthusiasm too. While my idea was making two different desserts at my home, but this time I decided to give him some different dishes made from mango, and now starts liking it madly.

Health benefits: Prevents cancer, It contains a high level of fiber helps lower cholesterol. Clears skin, improve eye health with value of vitamin A.Helps to fight with heat strokes, Improve digestion, Boost immune system and so on

#1 - Mango milkshake/ Mango ice cream shake:


  • Mango pulp 5 cups (or from one large mango)
  • Cold milk ½ cup
  • Sugar 3-4 tsp (may vary for taste of mango)
  • Vanilla ice cream 1 or 2 scoops (as required)


In a blender, add mango pulp or pieces with sugar and blend until gets smooth. Do not add water.

Add milk and whisk or blend for few seconds until it gets thick. Add a scoop of ice-cream and blend again for 10-20 seconds.

Serve cold immediately with a garnishing of mango pieces. 


Adjust the quantity of sugar as per the taste of mango. Do not add hot/ warm milk to manage.Milk become curdles with the acid of mango pulp. Ice-cream is optional if you make for kids you can avoid. Don't over whisk. For better & creamy texture whisk gently.


    Now it's time to something creamy dessert. While the mangoes are too awesome in taste, I wanted to try one last desert before it was too late. This is quick and tasty dessert is quite filling and it gets to a different texture. When I planned to make this dessert I was out of whipping cream and it’s quite not easy to find fresh whipping cream. I discovered whipping cream powder which is economical and needs to work very quickly using ice cold water. Mix equal quantity if whipping cream powder and fresh cream – whip together and you got a very lovely result.  

#2 - Mango Trifle


  • Fresh mango pieces 1 cup
  • Fresh mango juice ½ cup
  • Vanilla custard powder 2-3 tbsp. (or you can use mango flavour)
  • Milk 1-1.5 cup
  • Sugar 4-5 tbsp (depends on taste of mango)
  • Eggless plain vanilla sponge cake 3-4 slices
  • Fresh cream ½ cup (I used Amul fresh cream)
  • Whipping cream powder ½ cup


In a pan boil milk, in another bowl mix custard powder, sugar, remaining ½ cup milk mix all well make sure there are no lumps. Once milk boil reduces heat and add above mixture in it.keep stirring until it gets thicken and smoothes. Now remove from flame and cool it down.

Chop the cake and mangoes small pieces.

In a serving bowl add few cube of cake. Take a couple of tbsp. of mango juice and cover the cake pieces.

For next layers add the same amount of custard. Spread it gently don’t fill it up. The layers should be visible from the outside of a bowl. Add fresh mango piece for next layers.

Repeat cake slice, juice, custard and chopped mango in remaining space in a serving bowl. Now put them in deep freeze until fresh cream is whipped.

Now add fresh cream & whipping cream powder. Whip using a beater for 5 mins on medium speed. Set cream in the freezer for 5-7 mins.

Put this in a piping bag and fill top layer of mango trifle. Add additional pieces of mango on top and put in deep freeze for half an hour and then put until served.


Make fresh mango juice by blending with sugar with 1-2 tbsp of milk.

Custard on cooling thickens so do not overcook.

I made a vanilla cake at home if you want you can but plain sponge from the market.

A fresh cream layer can be repeated any number of times. I used one layer to keep calories in level.

I didn’t add sugar while whipping cream as powder contains its own sugar.


#3 - Mango Salsa

I also made mango salsa for my little one Add chopped and fully ripe mango pieces, onion (if your kid eats) 1 medium. Tomato cut into small pieces and deseeded, fresh coriander chopped fine, salt to taste lemon juice (optional). Mix all together gently and serve in the bowl. I am sure your kids will love to eat & demands you more.Also, you can make mango smoothie.Some different flavoured smoothies already share in previous blogs.Fruits & Veggie Smoothies.

Here I shared you some tempting mango ideas keep trying with variants as per your kids like and do share your experience & how your family liked it. Will be here soon for more tempting recipes.








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