Parenting Ideas Blog - I : Develop Your Child’s Emotional Sense.
|   Mar 01, 2017
Parenting Ideas Blog - I : Develop Your Child’s Emotional Sense.

Parenthood is quite challenging for all of us in this new and developing technology world. It is more important to focus as a parent like what do you do every day, how you act and react will give a different perspective towards our little ones.

Here I am sharing with you some practical ideas and solutions which I applied to my pre-schooler and got a most impressive result.Influence of electronic media - televisions, movies, the internet, electronic games affect on his day to day life and even in behavior. A very first I want to share with you actual meaning of a pre-schooler. It describes the unique, creative and explorers which ones are in kindergarten and toddler but not infants.The relationship between both of us is very sensitive and caring which we have to nurture very carefully.

Then I started to observe him closely and also our behavior towards him which is necessary for upbringing. After few weeks by doing this, I came to know some new ideas of handling. Then I started to note them down in my journal, and now I am sharing with you all.Most important fact is that we have to-

  • Accept children’s personality and temperaments
  • Create a loving and safe environment
  • Make them help to develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and behavior
  • Show them how to handle challenges
  • Teach them to solve their problems by themselves

Above are few a primary level solutions to build trust and emotional bonding between parents and child. As parents, we all know that parenthood is naturally quite difficult because for parenting there is no manual.So, I ask few questions to myself “do I tolerate my kid’s misbehavior” or how often a kind of misconduct occur” and so on. Then I decide to focus on particular behavior which I would like to change.Eg instead of telling your kids to be neat, explaining to him that pick up your toys before going for cycling.

"Rather than praising your child we would appreciate their actions."

It creates an awful feeling for, e.g., once I did with my son – It's good you are playing quite when daddy is doing his office work” never say that you are a good boy for playing quietly.

It means a lot to them & they remember every time.Passing the appropriate things does remind his/her to your expectations & built up your good behavior model. It motivates our child to continue to behave properly.Be there with them always doesn’t mean your presence but it says that kids need relatively supervision If we do not pay close attention so many behavior problems unnoticed and uncorrected.

As mumma, I used to shouting at him, but over the time, I realize that it gives a very negative perspective towards my child, And I felt very guilty for all this. What I did, especially if I tired or distracted or frustrated by their failure to obey is a quite natural response, but they are also counterproductive.This kind of behavior teach our child-

How to shout

How to hit

How to take anger out of others

Using positive parenting strategies only help to develop our children’s potential to become loving and caring.

If you like this blog please share your experience & suggestions. I will be here soon with some more interesting facts about our kid's emotional development.


Discipline without Shouting is always a beneficial option.

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