Parenting Ideas Blog II- “Behavior Patterns - Preventing & Solving The Problem.”
|   Mar 19, 2017
Parenting Ideas Blog II- “Behavior Patterns - Preventing & Solving The Problem.”

“If you don’t stop throwing toys everywhere I will spank you, “says a 3.5 years old boy’s mommy. I am fade up now what is going on all day why you are shouting like that. Every time you being messy and throwing books toys in your room answering me in a loud voice don’t do this type of behavior to me it is not tolerable.saying all this with a very high intensity.Suddenly a soft voice comes to me; mummy you are doing the same thing so that I am just following you. “Silence everywhere “ I was in tears in my eyes, got hang for some time and thinking; am I doing so.Oh, my goodness what are we teaching to our kiddo is unacceptable.

Above is a very sensitive incident that shows we must have to focus on our behavior in front of our children.Many hurl toys or doing weird actions when they frustrated, angry. Why ? because of the little ones are not able to reason or compromise.If your child’s aggressive behavior is a regular feature, in his/her daily play is troublesome, seek help to find out what may be causing for all these. What kind of behavior children’s are doing in everyday routine, is also depends on which atmosphere they spent more time.

Tame your child’s behavior by explaining & tell (even your one-year-old ) the kind of behavior what exactly you want that your child perform.Make sure firmly and regularly implement rules to manage your child in the way of appropriate behavior.

Preventing this kind of behavior is very easy and creative also.I tried some options with my kiddo and noticed positive changes.Here we will discuss aggressive behavior pattern.

Carefully attention your’s child play

To defend against your little one from learning aggressive behavior from his/her peers, just monitor how he interact with each other & how they play with toys.If possible treat your chid’s friend’s misbehavior you would think your child's.

Don't be a role model for aggressive behavior

Manage your things the way you would like your children to treat others.As for yelling and spanking or throwing things in front of your child show them, how to be aggressive.Avoid this kind of act.

Explain why this behavior is unacceptable.

Help your little one to realize, how biting or hitting or throwing feels alike.Make them understand what it's like to another’s point of view.

Here are some exemplary options which we can apply in our everyday behavior to help our child grown in a happy environment.

Solving the problem


Tell your kids what to do rather than hitting

When aggressive behavior starts, explain them not to do this act. E.g, he/ she, says “ I am not playing anymore,” or suddenly leave the place. Ask them to repeat any line for five times or sing your favorite rhymes or songs until she’s being calm and being familiar.

Compliment them

Explain what do you mean by being friendly by telling your child you appreciate their behavior when takes turns, ask for help and so on.Always be specific about what you are compliment.e.g “superb you are sharing with your friends.”

Use telling off

Reprimanding your child shows them to understand why this kind of behavior is unacceptable.Also, help to make known you respect your child’s capability to understand your reasons.e.g by telling your child to stop(“Stop hitting”), explain why you disapprove(“ hitting hurts people”) and so on. All it means stop telling” STOP” by explaining the proper reason.

Ignore the incident when it’s over.

Recall your child's aggressive behavior doesn’t teach anything valuable. Adversely it reminds of how could be hyper again.


Never use aggression to stop aggression

Yelling or hitting your child gives them permission to hit others in a related incident.

Don’t be furious when your child does.

Getting annoyed by your kid’s behavior becomes worse, it only proves that they can use aggression to get power over you.

We can manage easily our child’s behavior without yelling or spank.Make your child learn about behavior is equal responsibility for both parents.Hope this will help all the parents for noticing their kid's behavior pattern.

If you like this blog please share your experience & suggestions. We will be here soon with some more interesting facts about our kid's behavior pattern.

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