I am a Stay-At-Home Mom and my Mondays suck too!
|   Mar 19, 2017
I am a Stay-At-Home Mom and my Mondays suck too!

Its Sunday evening and I have a sinking feeling in my heart, again..yes, I am dreading Monday morning. No, I do not have an important meeting early tomorrow morning but that's the thing..for all of you who work, Monday morning blues are extremely natural. There is probably a huge pile of to-do-list waiting at your desk, and after a great weekend just getting out of the bed at the sound of your alarm is like a nightmare..I totally get it! 

But believe you me when I tell you that Mondays suck as much for a stay-at-home parent too. You are probably thinking that I should be grateful that I don't have to set an alarm for Monday, I don't need to shower early and can lounge in my pajamas the whole day in the company of someone I love the most, but all that I am doing is just cribbing around. But before you judge me, let me tell you exactly why I have Monday blues and probably other stay-at-home parents would nod in agreement too.

1. I dare to break my routine on weekends and pay for it dearly on Mondays.

Weekends are anything but the routine for me as I have Mister around for two whole days to share the crazy toddler with and yes, also the errands, food, chores, basically every single thing that I fret over during the week. But come Monday and am left alone with the toddler, an empty fridge, messy kitchen counters, unscrubed bath and no husband around to share a crazy laugh with amidst the chaos! Outright depressing!

2. I don't set an alarm but have a list of to-do-tasks waiting for me too.

I don't set an alarm before dozing off on sunday or any other day for that matter. Not because I can sleep to my hearts content but because I wake up to the soft "mama" music (on lucky mornings) and whines on the rest (and most). And trust me, my mini alarm goes off pretty early in the mornings. Then the next hour goes by roaming around in zombie mode in my messy home and as the husband kisses us goodbye, all I have in my mind is the huge list of to-do-things, which obviously has the tasks that we procrastinated on the weekend shining on the top. The moment I shut the door, it hits me that I am home alone with my bossy toddler so things that need to get done would anyways not get done as per the plan. What sucks more than a Monday? An unproductive Monday! 

3. Getting out of the convenient parenting groove ain't that convenient afterall.

With husband and friends around on weekends, entertaining my super active Little G gets very convenient. Also weekends are cheat days when we allow Little G some extra screen time and let her indulge in little junk food too. But getting back to the disciplined routine on Monday mornings while simultaneously channelizing my tot's energy seems like a herculean task. Am totally up for another cheat day and just eagerly waiting for the weekend!

Life is not all luxury for SAHM's. We might not have deadlines to finish all the time but we don't have too much time to spare at hand on most days either ( particularly with young kids). Besides kids can get extremely bossy and we all need a breather from our bossy bosses! So dear working people out there, for these reasons I love my Friday evenings just the way you do and my Monday morning blues are as legit as yours!

Do you have Monday blues? How do you deal with it? Please share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Oh..Happy Monday to you:)

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