Moms, it's forbidden for you!
|   Oct 28, 2016
Moms, it's forbidden for you!

I think no one would disagree with me when I say that moms are superwomen..they can accomplish anything they put their hearts and minds to for their children with their sheer love and determination. When it comes to the happiness and safety of their little ones, moms become superheroes. But there are somethings that moms cannot do or rather are forbbiden from doing to keep up with their super heroicness at all times.

Moms are not allowed to call in sick (even when they are sick of their kids, which does happen!)

I have been feeling a bit under the weather since the last few days and just want to lay in my bed with a cup of tea and a nice book (in an ideal world)...but (in my real world) I have a super active 8 month old daughter who makes sure am out of my bed early morning with hardly any chance of sneaking back in. Falling sick is a luxury that I (like other moms) now cannot afford. Heads nodding in agreement! You might be a working mom on a sick leave, but at home it would still be business as usual for you..okay the hours might be little less but you can't stop working. For a stay-at-home mom calling in sick is out of question. Also it does not matter if you have a toddler who needs your attention all the time, or a teenager who can manage somewhat on her own or your grown up husband who is fully capable of functioning on his own, but your house will be in a sad plight (if it doesn't come to a standstill) if you don't come out of the bed. The entire vibe of the home changes when the lady is not well. You know it already if you are a mom. And children and husbands would agree too, even if they don't appreciate it enough. If I try to recall now, I don't remember a day when I and my brother gave our mom any time off while growing up. Moms are supposed to look fit and be functional 24*7, even when they are probably feeling terrible and lousy inside. Moms cannot and should never fall sick. More power and love to our superheroes!

Moms are not allowed to be sad 

I have always believed that a home is truly happy only when the women in that home are happy. But moms are different..come what may, their mission in life is to see their kids happy. Moms are a constant source of happiness. Young kids might seem little to understand, but they are extremely sensitive to feelings, and moms know this too. You would mostly find moms to be always smiling and happy with their little ones, even when they are not feeling too upbeat. Ofcourse this changes a bit when the kids are of certain age and you are able to share much more with them. But a mom still tries to shield her children from problems as much as she can.

Moms are not allowed to confess that there are days when she hates her job

Every job in this world gives us the freedom to bitch about our bosses, say out loud (secretly) how the day at work sucks and how on a drop of a hat we would switch the job. But motherhood is a different game altogether. Okay it is not even qualified to be a job, its an experience you would say. Whatever! What I am trying to say is that I have heard moms say how exhausting and challenging motherhood is, but despite everything they love every bit of it (I do that too!). Moms gush about how they would not trade the motherhood experience for anything else in the world, when on somedays they would like to yell out, yes- I love my kids but I hate being a mom every single day of my existence now! But moms usually don't do that. It makes them guilty of being a bad parent, it makes them vulnerable in front of their family who might judge them to be cribbing too much, being weak and not capable of doing their job well enough. But the truth is we all have days when we just don't feel like getting out of our bed or just want to do something fun that does not involve our kids. I can't have a lot of alone time anymore (atleast for next half a decade or so), but accepting this  (even if to myself!) once in a while makes me feel more real but no less a mom.

Though true but all the seeming lamenting here might raise some eye brows, so before signing off I should say something nice (even if clich├ęd)- I really love my baby and being a mother (trust me, on most days I love my job), and despite all the craziness my little one puts me through she is the best thing that has happened to me. Things that I need to forgo on this journey for my baby are all worth the effort and pain!

What are the other things that you cannot afford to do ever since you became a mom?

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