Child Economics: Things to consider while Selecting a Primary School
|   Dec 14, 2015
Child Economics: Things to consider while Selecting a Primary School

Meaning: (true/complete) knowledge gives discipline, from discipline comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth (one does) good deeds, from that (comes) joy (Source)

My father couldn’t do medicine despite getting a seat due to financial problems, so I feel lucky to do my education the way I wanted to do & never faced such a problem.

I wanted my son to go to the best school in the Twin city & short-listed these schools: Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad Public school & Geetanjali Devashray. I was confident of securing a seat for my son because I & my wife are post-graduates with decent income. Now comes the disheartening part, the demand & supply gap was so high that my son’s name was not short-listed in any of the above schools.

We had no luck in the schools of our interest & with a reference; we went to meet the principal of newly constructed school & also other nearby schools. Again this new school was ready to offer discount & my wife became an expert in negotiating. We got almost 25-30% fee reduction & waiver of admission fees but I wasn’t really happy as I wanted him to study in a big campus where they had sports facility & this was only three storied (commercial) building without any breathing space for outdoor sports activity.

Although the primary education was started but I went to another ‘international school’ which put lot of advertisements in our area, when I went there it was the first academic year with total strength of 30 students. All counselors were looking like fresh management graduates.
The fee structure was equivalent to the top schools in Hyderabad. After briefing about the school she said, we will interview that child then decide whether he is suitable or not. They were talking about interviewing a 4 year old child; I asked them if he doesn’t pass the interview then? She said you try other schools. I told her that’s a better option & left. I got follow up calls from the school saying that they will give the admission without interview but we were not interested anymore.

My son was in first standard & school conducted spell bee for English & my son cleared school level (My son really? ..probably mother’s genes), again I got a shock when he cleared inter-school & going to appear for state-level. He did not clear state-level L but it made me think: do I really need my son to attend top school in town or its just brand name. Now this school was determined to mark its presence in the corporate market of education by exposing its students to various competitive environments.

Few advantages I found putting my child in new school

Ø  Fees advantage: usually it will be less than established schools even if they don’t offer discount

Ø  More attention as there are less students.

Ø  There is always a listening ear, for eg, my son told me that teacher canned him for some mischief he was doing. I went to the principal & told her about the incidence; she immediately called the teacher & ensured it will not repeat.

Ø  New schools want admissions; they will have some USP like spell-bee in this case.

Ø  Even if the school will established name, you may get benefits like fee concessions because you supported school in initial phase (if you are planning to shift to other branch).

I was so impressed by the school that I have put my daughter also in the same school, not to mention she also showed tremendous progress in the first year.

Now the questions come what to do with the money I saved.

If I am saving Rs.50,000 every year & put it in FD every year for 10 years then I will get Rs.8,00,000 every year from 21 year for 10 years.  This money can be used for my kids’ higher education, marriage or my retirement fund.

Often, we go by the brand of the school, thinking that school will do wonders but the reality is: it is the responsibility of the parent along with the school to ensure that child doesn’t lose focus.

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