Cook together: Fun & Learn
|   Dec 29, 2016
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Cook together: Fun & Learn

I am often asked why I am so choosy about eating food on health parameters. The idea behind focusing on health came only when I started having health issues like body pain, morning headaches, indigestion etc & going forward; I am mentally prepared for Diabetes & Blood Pressure due to family history. Earlier I had stamina to work for 18-20 hours & eat whenever I get time. Food was never a major concern; it was just a part of routine. But now I follow a meal schedule & try to stick to that, also suggest children to follow the same so that they will be aware of benefits & have less health issues in the future.

I don’t remember our teachers focusing on nutrition values of food brought by students then but nowadays they explain their students about the nutrition each food group provides and its importance. The teachers even check the food intake of students & educate the parents to include fruits, nuts & whole grain in daily intake.  My eight year old son knows the nutritional values of the food we eat & he insists that breakfast should be made as per his schedule of nutrition intake. Instead of aerated cool drink he chooses flavored milk likewise he likes experimenting with different types of quick snacks available in supermarkets I have also written in one of my previous experiences to the supermarket visit where children picked up strawberry and apple flavored oats.

Even though I don’t enjoy cooking; to encourage children and to spend some quality time with them, I occasionally join them in cooking & I enjoy cooking with them, it is like stress buster. We prepare a list of ingredients & they know if I am involved in cooking then Quaker oats better be one of the ingredients. So Saturday night a list of ingredients is prepared based of the meal we want to cook then take approval from the boss (my wife) & required items are bought. Sunday morning, we start our day by getting into the kitchen, roles are divided & I usually end up assisting the kids & a nutritious and (not to mention delicious) meal is prepared. I ask them the nutrition value of meal they have cooked & rightfully get the answers.  When they cook themselves, the joy of serving to the family members & waiting for appreciation is one beautiful moment.  My parents also join the kids sometimes and enjoy the best moments. Initially my parents didn’t want to taste oats, but when they saw kids preparing it, they couldn’t say no to them and ended up started liking this delicious healthy nutritious meal.

After starting this routine, I have actually learnt a lot about the choice of food we should eat, how whole grains like oats help to keep the whole family fit. Cooking together will increase the bonding, gives confidence to the children & last but not the least it is small gesture of appreciation for the lady of the house that spends every day in the kitchen preparing different kind of food for the whole family.

Remember, including healthy food in your daily routine is always better than bitter medicines.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Cook Together Eat Better :)

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