Shoeconomics: Cambridge response and Suggestions
|   Feb 25, 2016
Shoeconomics: Cambridge response and Suggestions

Thank you for the tremendous response for my article shoeconomics: does brand really matter . My special thanks to Mycity4kids & HSPA for supporting this article.

My children’s school follow Cambridge PYP program & this is the reply from Cambridge, UK when I asked them if the shoe code is set by them (I received the reply on the same day)

Rosie Nudds (Cambridge International Examinations)

15 Feb, 17:33

Dear Anup Kumar Agarwal

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that this is not a rule that Cambridge put in place at schools. As an assessment provider we are not involved in the day to day administration or management of our registered schools. As such, our schools can devise their own rules as long as they adhere to our regulations which are outlined in the Cambridge Handbook (International) 2016 found on our website here.

Please contact me if you require further assistance.

Kind regards

Rosie Nudds
Customer Services Advisor

Cambridge International Examinations
1 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU, United Kingdom

I also mailed HRD ministry to find if they have any role-play in devising such policies via grievance registration system (if you want to check visit & enter Registration no DOSEL/E/2016/00362 ) but they closed the request saying “Matter does comes under purview of MHRD”  (They actually wanted to say it does not come under the purview of MHRD)

It is very clear that schools are devising such rules for their own benefits & parents are either innocently or helplessly falling prey. It is very important to voice your concern with the school authorities if you find anything unethical.

Henceforth, I suggest all parents to avoid buying shoes, stationary or any overpriced item from school & if they say it is mandatory then ask them to give in writing & take a opinion from parents association like HSPA.

Some of the parents highlighted other issues also as comments on my shoeconomics article. We have to form self-help groups to voice our concerns with the schools & other parents.

Here are few suggestions:

· Communicate with parents of the class in which your child is studying & form class parents group followed by School Parents Association on Whatsapp / Facebook or Email.

· Give a written request to the school management about best practices followed by other schools that you want to implement in your child’s school.

· If possible link school association with city’s parents association that works in line with National parents association. This will take some time but just imagine once this is formed the education system will reform with better & transparent policies & any corrupt practices followed by any school will have a national impact.

There might be some parents who are lawyers, doctors, educationist, etc in the parents’ group & some of them can be on parents association advisory to advise parents not only with the school issues but also become a guide to other parents who need professional advice for his/her child’s further education or career option.

 Let’s work together for a better next generation.


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