Making travelling with kids fun!
|   Feb 24, 2016
Making travelling with kids fun!

Do you love to travel, but can’t right now because your kid is too small to travel? Do you wonder how you will manage meal times and sight-seeing at the same time? Well let me tell you, with a little planning travelling with kids can be fun. Let me share my story before I give you some pointers about travelling with kids.


We ventured out with our son (the first as we were not going to stay at a relative’s place) on a weekend trip when he was a little over a year old. Since we were driving and it was our first time I wanted to take everything possible to make him comfortable. I even took my induction cooker to boil his bottles (I laugh when I think about it). Most resorts these days have good facilities to avail if you are travelling with a toddler so these extreme steps are not necessary.


The most difficult trip with him (I always try to plan our trips properly thereafter) was to an international destination. All hell broke loose when he fell sick accompanied by high fever on the very first day of the week long vacation. The fact that we were in foreign land added to the trouble. Finding a doctor, understanding their medical system to finally get the required medicine was so stressful that my husband and I wanted to cancel our entire trip and head back home. But, we stuck on and took turns visiting places to take care of our little one. He was better towards the end of our trip and we all enjoyed the last couple of days.


I hope I have not scared you, but trips can be fun with kids when a little planning is done beforehand. Here are a few tips which could be helpful when travelling with little ones:


·         Always carry basic medicines for fever, diarrhea, vomiting etc. Carry a small first aid kit. Boys especially are prone to cuts and wounds.

·         Don’t make very ambitious/adventurous plans with kids below 8 years. For example planning a high altitude trek or a destination with sudden gain in height could spell trouble. Acclimatizing requires time and for kids it’s much more challenging]  

·         Make sure you have sufficient rest days when you go sightseeing. Resting reduces the chances of them being cranky, feeling tired and falling sick.

·         Pack some of your little one’s favorite foods which you know he/she will eat under any conditions.

·         It’s good to plan your travels with families who have kids. That makes travelling fun as all the kids are occupied with each other or have companions

·         Before you pack your kid’s clothes make sure you are aware of the temperature of the place you are travelling to. This will help you decide what type clothes would be appropriate.

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