A Mother's Weekend
|   Feb 25, 2016
A Mother's Weekend

No matter if you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, a work from home mom, a part time working mom, a new mom, an old mom, a super mom, an ordinary mom, a funny mom, a strict mom.... hahahaha... this is funny... the thing is no matter which category we fall in :P we are moms and our weekends are quite different than others and it has nothing to do with the fact that whether we are working or not working.

We spend the first five days of the week working - taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning - now as a mother we can understand that cleaning has different sub categories: dusting, putting toys in place, putting books in place, arranging bed, normal cleaning of the house, and a lot more. Then come the two most beloved days of the week Saturday and Sunday - Ahaa! Days to relax and sleep and enjoy. Knock knock! Stop it I am talking about others not the mothers :P well that rhymed well.

Anyways, as far as I have seen mothers around me and myself, I can say that my work increases during the weekends. It starts as soon as I wake up. The breakfast demands are different, I am expected to make something different which means it takes more time. By the time everyone finishes the breakfast and I am done with bathing the baby, cleaning the kitchen counter, keeping a tab on maid as she cleans, getting ready and doing pooja, it is time to prepare the lunch or may I get ten minutes to sit and watch reruns of 'Comedy Nights with Kapil' with my husband.

I am off to kitchen again, preparing the lunch. Then the baby either wants to sleep or play. Obviously, my husband tries to show that he is playing with my daughter but that does not really help me because she wants me as well. I serve the lunch, then make my daughter sleep. It is almost 4 by the time I finish.

Not to mention, weekends mean repetitive demand for tea by my other child - my husband. So, I get may be half an hour to sit and have tea with him. Not to forget, while my daughter played in the afternoon before sleeping she had already arranged a new task for me - sorting out her toys again and putting them on her toy rack. So, I clean again, pick up everything from the floor, take out the toys she had kept in the shelves of my modular kitchen, in the refrigerator and the dressing table.

By this time, it is time to prepare dinner, sometimes we go out but that can't happen every weekend. So I spent another hour or more to prepare dinner. Then the little one wakes up. Sometimes she wakes up while I am preparing dinner and that is a headache combination :/ honestly. Prepare the dinner, feed the baby, feed the other baby. Clean the kitchen. Even if the maid comes in the morning, I have to clean the slab and everything and it takes time. Then may be I get some time to sit and watch TV but having a toddler makes it difficult :PAnd by the time she decides to sleep I am tired like anything.

Then weekends are also booked for grocery shopping, washing clothes, some extra tasks - these tit bits take a lot of time, going to meet some friends or  some family engagement. So the two days that are meant to RELAX are actually spent working even more.

There are special weekends when we plan to go out but those are less in number. More or less my weekends mean quite a lot of work. Since I work from home, it is on Monday that I simply take an hour off to just relax for a while otherwise I don't think I actually get a weekend.

To be honest, I don't actually need two days every week. I am okay with a few hours. A few hours of 'Me' time. A few hours when I have to do 'nothing'. I want to experience once in while how it feels to do absolutely nothing. I once tried but I couldn't get the things I had to do out of my mind and I ended up doing stuff. And then my husband comes to me all romantic and asks "Are you done?"  I just stare at him, all blank or may be a little angrily and he knows what he has to do - share the work :P

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