Baby I Miss You All The Time
|   Nov 22, 2015
Baby I Miss You All The Time

Baby I miss you when I have to leave for office and your Nani takes you to a different room so that you won't cry.

Baby I miss you when I stand alone in the metro and I simply look out of the window and gaze at the clear sky.

Baby I miss you when I reach office and sip my morning coffee. I think of you all the time. I wonder what you would be doing in the day care, I think of different things you might be doing there, I worry about you  lot.

Baby I miss you when I am sitting with someone in a meeting. A random thought comes to my mind and I excuse myself from the meeting to  come out and call your day care to check if you are okay.

Baby I miss you when during lunch break I take a bite from my sandwich wondering if you have had your lunch, worrying if you might not have liked what was being served.

Baby I miss you when I wash my hands wondering if the nanny might have checked your diaper or not.

Baby I miss you when it's almost time to leave for home, I start packing a little early because I am dying to meet you.

Baby I miss you when I get a seat in metro and a mother enters with a child. I look at the child and think of you and it takes seconds for me to get up and offer the seat.

On my way back home I look at your picture and think of you.

Each day when I leave for office, I leave my heart at home with you and trust me I feel my heart only after I see you again at the end of the day. I can't tell you how I feel when you come running to me to hug me. Yes, I work very hard and yes, I am exhausted by the end of the day but your little arms, your awesome smile recharges my battery. No matter how bad my day went, the moment I see you, I cannot think of anything else. I am just happy. You are the real happiness, real joy of my life.
This is not just what every mother feels but also what every father feels as well. 

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