Baby Massage - Painful Necessity or Joyful Routine?
Baby Massage - Painful Necessity or Joyful Routine?

Why should massage be painful? This is one question that arose in my mind when I was asked to mix different oils, and ensure that the oil was lukewarm and some raw herbs were  to be mixed for my baby’s massage.

I still remember when the first time my mother in law handed me the bowl with some lukewarm oils mixed with raw herbs. I was worried that this mixture might be harsh for my little one’s extra sensitive skin but then she said that if I want the baby to grow well, this is a must. My little one cried, the first time I massaged her with the mixture and she cried the second time too and then I simply could not make my little one cry anymore! It was herbs, the warm oil and the various mixtures that was probably harsh for her skin which made her wail!

I immediately decided to switch to another baby massage oil. I selected a few fancy ones but it seemed more like cosmetic than a good massage oil. My parents and my in laws did not approve of my choices and said that these oils might not be that good for the baby. They said that these oils contain paraffins and many other harmful ingredients that can cause problems to a sensitive skin of the baby. I did a little search online and I learnt that they were right.

So, when I used that mixture of oils prepared by my mother in law, my baby was not happy and cried a lot and when I used other oils I was not happy for a lot of people around me did not really think they were good and thus somewhere in my mind I thought I am not doing justice to my baby.

Massage is supposed to be the most enjoyable part of a baby’s routine and somehow I was taking away all the fun for my daughter. It hurt me bad.

Frustrated with such remarks I asked fellow parents and the decided to switch to Dabur Lal Tel. One of the reasons was that it contained Ratanjyot that is considered good for kids and helps making skin nice and clear. My elders were happy now, I thought they are happy because, obviously, this one is like the oldest one in the market.

My little one had now started enjoying her massage. I was happy and our massage sessions would sometimes continue for more than an hour. My daughter just loves to get massaged. We sing songs and I make her do some simple exercises. My daughter is an active child, she just keeps on running everywhere and somehow I feel massage has contributed a lot. At the same time, I made sure that I follow a definite pattern. A nice massage in the morning and a little massage at night, followed with a nice warm bath ensured that my baby was always relaxed. Especially the massage and bath at night helped my baby sleep peacefully. I hardly remember the instances when she might have had trouble falling asleep.

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