Do you think sharing helps kids get Ready for Life? Should we encourage our kids to share? #ReadyforLife
|   May 18, 2016
Do you think sharing helps kids get Ready for Life? Should we encourage our kids to share? #ReadyforLife

You know how life with a toddler is? A toddler wants all your attention, he/she won’t share his/her chocolates with you, would not allow any other child to come near you . . . .and then one day this toddler surprises you with acts that fill your heart with happiness and pride.

I take my little one to the park every day. She plays there for a while, she wants to climb the stairs of the slide the fastest. Every single day I see her and kids her age competing – competing for the best swing, competing to get on top of the slide the fastest, competing for the most colourful benches. All this sometimes makes me wonder . . . Have I failed to teach my child the value of sharing? Have I failed to instill in her the values that make us ready for the world? Have I failed to teach her that life is not just about winning?

Every day I sit on the bench looking at my daughter play and thinking what value I have taught her. Is she able to notice the values that I try to teach her by practicing and not by preaching? Is she able to notice that I give food to the maid first, before I eat food myself? Is she able to notice that I never throw away the leftover food and give it to someone who needs it? Is she able to see that her Mamma stands up to give her seat to someone in need in the metro, or move slightly on the other side so that someone else can share the seat and be relaxed?

I didn’t know it until one day this happened . . .

We were in the park, my daughter was busy trying to come first in taking control over all the rides. When two girls, dressed in ragged clothes entered the park. The so called ‘rich’ people looked at them as if they were not allowed to be there, as if they did not belong there. The girls obviously looked as if they understood what these ‘grown up, rich’ people were trying to convey. Silently, they stood near the swings. Their innocent eyes showed that they only wanted to share the swings but how could they ask the ‘rich’ kids to move. The kids who were too busy getting the best swing themselves. So, they stood there patiently, quietly, with eyes that wanted to grab the kids’ attention. Two little girls – one looked around 7 and other one 5 year old.

I wanted to go and interfere but then decided to wait and watch, to check if my child has learnt something, to check if my child is #ReadyforLife. You know what! She is . . . and so were many other kids. Soon my little one noticed these two ‘didis’. I don’t know if kids share some secret language. As she slided down the slide, this time falling in the dust because she was in a hurry; she walked towards them, held the younger one’s hand and brought her to the slide. It wasn’t just my daughter, another friend of my daughter moved aside – just like that. The two little girls were welcomed, welcomed by the kids. The kids are ‘rich’ for they have a rich heart. I believe that’s why these kids are richer than us.

As I looked at my daughter and other kids, who welcomed the little girls to enjoy the swings with open arms, as I noticed that innocent smile on the girls’ faces, I understood that I have not failed, that my daughter knows the value of sharing, that my daughter is #ReadyforLife.

For the clothes, I know I have surf excel.

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