How Shopping Has Changed For Me After Becoming A Mother
|   Jun 29, 2016
How Shopping Has Changed For Me After Becoming A Mother

I love shopping. When I say I love shopping, it means I am madly in love with it. If I am sad then shopping is the remedy; I am too happy then shopping is the celebration; I am confused then shopping helps me meditate. Now that I have a little daughter, shopping has become so much fun.

Things that I do now:

• Accompany a friend for shopping (thinking, ‘I did shopping last week therefore, I won’t buy anything today’ and end up buying clothes for myself and my daughter, or just a handbag or something else

• Go to buy a t-shirt or something for my daughter’s friend’s birthday, end up buying two or three for they mostly have this discount if I buy 2 or more.

• Go to simply have a look at the new collection and don’t even ask me how I come back. If you love shopping then you already know.

• Go to buy something for myself, end up buying what not for my daughter.

Being new to Pune, I had not made many friends and it is always good to have company. And my husband is definitely not a very good choice when it comes to accompany me for shopping. Why? Because ‘Jo tumhe sahi lagey’, ‘Theek hai Swati, saare ek jaise hai’, ‘Ye Mehenga nhi hai’ do not really help much :P

Finally, I thought why am I looking for friends when God has given me the best one already – my daughter.

Shopping has changed in a lot of ways for me. Even if I go to buy something for myself, I end up buying stuff for my princess. The cute little frilly frocks and that shortest and the cutest pair of denim shorts, I simply cannot resist buying them. And what makes me feel proud is the way she enjoys shopping. She would choose things for herself and bring them to me, ‘Ye chahiye’, ‘Mummy ye! Mummy ye!’ She will carry forward my legacy: P

This time when I went to check out the new collection, I was glad to see some new designs. The salesperson told me there was a new California inspired kids wear collection Point Cove, the pretty prints and subtle cuts make up for the awesome collection. The expertise was visible in every piece.

I really wanted to buy a shirt for my daughter but could not find many good options for her earlier. But that day found one  She looks cool. Since, we were planning to go to the beach; I bought a nice top and a pair of shorts for her. Some good stuff for myself and what an amazing day it was.

She is like my new girlfriend, we shop together, have lunch together, then paint nails (Yes, I sometimes apply a little on her toe nails) brush each other’s hair and then try the new clothes we buy. It is just super fun to be with my daughter.

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