It All Started With 'What's This' My Daughter and Her Fearless Questions
|   Nov 26, 2015
It All Started With 'What's This' My Daughter and Her Fearless Questions

MY little angel, I believe, has a hidden bag full of questions, questions that never end, questions that are sometimes silly, questions that are sometimes smart, questions that keep flowing and questions that should never end. Why? Because these questions make sure that my daughter is learning, that she is not missing any important lesson in life as she enjoys the playful moments of childhood.

It all started with ye kya hai (what's this) for cup, for ball, for book, for elements and chemical compositions now and I could see her learning words and concepts. The more I answered, the more she learnt. When I was in school, I used to be very shy and sometimes hesitated in asking questions that obviously affected me and so I make sure that my daughter is not afraid to ask as many questions as she wants. She is fearless to ask questions, and we make sure that we answer each question with ease and patience. These are the stepping stones for a happy childhood and later for a better future.

It is important to let her know that there is nothing wrong in asking questions, no matter who says what. No question is silly, inappropriate or unreasonable for a child because childhood is the time when we let them explore and learn and if she will not get the answers from us, she will turn to other sources; sources that can provide wrong or incomplete answers, sources that can mislead her.

How the questions flow:

Daughter: Ma, what's this?

Me: Beta, this is a juicer.

Daughter: What for?

Me: To get juice from fruits.

Daughter: Only from fruits?

Me: No, we can drink vegetable juice as well, like carrot juice.

A few days later, I was grinding some cashews and the questions started again:

Daughter: Mamma, we will use juicer now?

Me: No, we will use grinder.

Daughter: Why?

Me: Because we have to grind Cashews to make a paste.

Daughter: Can't a juicer do that?

Me: No

Daughter: Why?

Me: Because cashews are harder than fruits, we need sharper blades.

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These questions to us as elders seem to be simple but to her, each question has a value, as some importance. These are small lessons to her, these questions make show that she has that zeal to know more about the things around us, how they work, what they do; and our answers to her questions make sure that the zeal in her to ask questions never fades away. There is no limit to her questions and I am happy about it.

A childhood that enjoys the freedom to learn and explore, a childhood that is not afraid to ask limitless questions to ensure limitless knowledge is a happy childhood. Freedom to ask questions fearless is one very important step to make sure that Khuljaye Bachpan.

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