Little Hands But Bigger Hearts
|   Jan 30, 2016
Little Hands But Bigger Hearts

I was in Delhi from November 15th to December 21st. It was freezing cold there and I had to buy new woolen clothes for my daughter. The old ones did not fit her well. So, I decided to take her old clothes and some of mine as well to the poor people who live under a bridge close to my house.

I took my daughter with me as well because I thought this will be an important lesson for her to learn in the childhood only. She was all dressed up in new clothes, sweater – check, Muffler – check, cap – check, Jacket – check. We went there and as soon as the people saw that we had clothes, some poor kids and two women walked towards us. It was heart wrenching to see kids as young as my daughter or even younger than her wearing only a shirt, not even pants.

I looked at Abhitha and for a moment thought that I shouldn’t have brought her, for she looked sad. I could see that though she is just a child, there was empathy in her eyes. I gave the clothes to the two women and they immediately made their kids wear them.

I held my daughter’s hand and turned to walk away. This was a new experience for her and a new lesson for me.

How? Let me tell you.

She stopped and took off her warm cap and gave it to one of the little boys. I was confused and I told her that we have already given them enough clothes, you don’t have to give this. What will you cover your head with now? She looked at me, and without saying anything she covered her head with the hoodie in her jacket.

I was left speechless. My little girl taught me a very important lesson. A gentle, empowering lesson, that little girl taught me. She taught me that we think ourselves to be too kind by giving what we have already discarded. But really giving comes when you are free from the fear of losing, when you are strong enough to share what you have and what you need.

We give away what is not needed but my little one shared what she had and what was still useful to her.

Her little acts of innocence often teach me something new. She is growing up and I am growing up with her.

Not only this to me is khuljaye Bachpan that inspires everyone, this time it was khuljaye aakhein as well for me.

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