My Daughter and Her Big Friends... OH She is Learning!
|   Sep 03, 2015
My Daughter and Her Big Friends... OH She is Learning!

So my little one is just a year and a half old but she has made plenty of friends. Kids in our society who are elder to her love her, she smiles at them, runs after them, try to copy them and they seem to enjoy it as well. They often come to our house to play with Abhitha, well actually they come to play with her toys and they love the cookies I serve and I notice how sharp, intelligent and fearless kids today are.

They experiment, they learn and grow every single day that too when they are totally lost in their playful moments.So the other day, one of the girls in our society, Teertha, she is in grade 4, came to play with Abhitha, while three other boys were downstairs, same age. Teertha was busy playing with Abhitha and Abhitha was busy copying her when one of the boys, Krish called her name.

As Teertha went in the balcony to talk to him, I saw that the boys had paper planes in their hands and they were competing as to whose plane flies the farthest. 'My plane can go the farthest of you all', claimed Teertha. She even predicted the distance that her plane could cover and it seemed a little unrealistic to me.

'Teertha, I don't think it can go that far', I said.

'Don't worry, Aunty. I can defeat all these boys. I know a trick and they can't even figure out', she claimed.

I was amazed to see her confidence. All this while Abhitha was carefully listening to their conversation as if she was able to understand everything and screaming in between, I guess, in order to show her support for Teertha.

Another boy standing in the other balcony challenged Teertha as well, so it was four boys against one girl :P or simply four kids against one. Boy or Girl hardly matters in this incidence. What matter is how creative these kids are.

Finally, Teertha takes a paper and makes a paper plane. My little darling Abhitha being extremely self dependent, she likes to do everything herself, takes a paper and simply tries to fold it in her struggle to make a paper plane herself. I want to empower her and I know that for this I have to set her free, there should be no limits, only then her learning will be limitless.

Once Teertha was done with her plane, she took a little clay and put it in the center of her plane. The competition began. Boy one.... paper plane flew for a second or two, same for boy 2 and 3, boy 4 it went a little ahead everyone, Teertha.... hahahaha!!! oh my god! It covered more than the distance predicted. The boys were shocked... they ran to get her plane. opened it, saw the clay and still could not understand that it was the clay that made the plane fly that much. Teertha clapped and seeing her my daughter clapped.

'What was trick Teertha, tell us.', the boys demanded. She again made a plane, put some clay and flew it. They picked it up again, took out the clay and yet could not understand the trick. Teertha was laughing, so was my daughter. These playful moments  are teaching my daughter somethingnew everyday.

Finally, Teertha shared the trick with boys and they were so happy to learn. This is what Happy childhood looks like, they are fearless, they experiment, they search, they explore a whole new world of imagination and creativity and I am happy that my daughter is a part of it. I believe kids learn more from their friends.

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