So We Would Call Her Abhitha.... Fearless She Will Always Be
|   Sep 30, 2015
So We Would Call Her Abhitha.... Fearless She Will Always Be

As a child I was taught to live by rules, my freedom was limited and definitely I wasn't taught to be fearless. That hindered my learning process and I hated it. I was not allowed to explore, to experiment and to learn from my own mistakes.

The moment I became a mother I knew I would never limit my child's learning; I would never deprive her off the simple joys of growing up. I started with the name, while everyone had their suggestions I decided to name her Abhitha, a name to Goddess Durga which means fearless.

An elder said, 'It is not good to be fearless for girls.' Yes, it boiled my blood but I replied, 'It is very important for her to be fearless. I don't want her to be scared to learn new things, I don't want her to be scared of what others think about her, I don't want fear to hinder her journey in life.'

Yes, I want her to be free but that does not mean I want her to be careless. She can be carefree but not careless. With time I am going to teach her that with freedom comes a responsibility still have time to do that.

She is a little girl, who is creative and imaginative. She hums something and it sounds sweet, she dances to songs and I see a beautiful smile on her face. A smile that is a sign of a happy childhood.

She is growing up and each day she explores something new. I always try to avoid that long nooooooo....  I give her space to be herself. I don't want to set limits for her learning. I do things in front of her slowly so that she can notice the steps. Then I don't ask her to repeat, I just give her the time to think and she generally tries things her way.

When she started to learn eating herself, people around me were bothered about the fact that I am giving her too much independence too early. They were bothered about the mess, the food she spills but I knew what I was doing. Yes she spilled food, yes she had food all over her face, yes she took her time but she wanted to eat herself and I let her do that. After a while she could eat herself without spilling food. She experimented, she learnt and she grew.

Life is going to be like this and stopping her is not the solution, I want to offer her limitless options. These simple joys of growing up are teaching me lessons. Every time she will do something for the first time, she will make some mistakes. I want her to learn from them. Whenever she falls down, I want her to get up, rub off the dust and move on. I want to empower her as a child, as a girl and as a woman as she explores a whole new world.

Once she was colouring the sky pink and my husband said, 'No beta the sky is blue' and I had to interfere for sky has millions of colours, it's blue, it's red, it's orange and it can be pink, who knows. May be I interfered because this one simple rule that sky is blue, to me represented all the age old things that we have been asked to follow without questioning.

MY daughter is not going to do so. She can take her time, she can search for her own lessons.

I know when to be there to protect her. She can redefine her limits and fly with the wings of creativity and imagination. I hope I am a good mom, I hope I am letting my child enjoy her childhood without any inhibition, any fear! Khuljaye bachpan for my little one!

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