We are Proud of You, Dad!
|   Jan 19, 2016
We are Proud of You, Dad!

We often praise our mothers with photographs, quotes, messages and stories... believe it or not but such praises aren't that much for fathers.

Oh! Your wife is pregnant, keep her happy, bear with her mood swings,  take very good care of her.... good, very good.. nothing wrong. A woman does go through a lot of changes and so she needs to be taken care of.

But what about a man. The moment a woman gets pregnant, transformations for a man start as well. He starts planning, he is actually on double duty.. working and taking care of his wife. Does he do it as a favour? No. He does it for his wife, he does it for his child who is growing inside his wife's womb. He does is HAPPILY.

We women face a lot of challenges during pregnancy... physical, hormonal, emotional and so does a man. Well, not exactly physical or hormonal but emotionally, he too gets a whole lot of responsibility and just like us it can be a little overwhelming, just like us he can feel a little panicked or sometimes get a little cranky... but is he allowed to do so? NO.

Our society somehow judges a man too easily. I know there are all sorts of human beings.. anyone can be good or bad and it does not really matter what the gender of the person is.

I am talking about men (common men)... they take care of their family, they work, they take up the responsibility but somehow they are easily judged to show their emotions.

Becoming a new parent can be difficult - difficult for both a mother and a father. Women generally express their emotions easily and find support from the society as well (Take out the exceptions of judgemental in laws; but atleast fellow mothers do understand a new mother's dilemma)

A man also experiences some changes, he too gets new responsibilities -  responsibilities that he loves but then there can be days when he is troubled, or simply feels overwhelmed and it is then we need to understand and support him.

Men are strong, they don't cry, they are practical.. the typical stereotypes need to be shooed away. They have just started sharing their wives undivided attention with their baby and they are happy about it but then there will come some days when they might seem unreasonable to you, or you would feel they are upset for no reason but that is going to fade away. It is just an emotional phase. They carry the baby, or the baby bags or even our handbags and then stretch one arm to hold our hands, they pamper us and even get used to our emotional outbursts sometimes. Let us give them something to make them feel special, treat them the way they can actually feel how proud we are of them.

A father acts like a shieled to his family just like a mother, a father loves his kids just like a mother.

A few days ago I read some blogs by a fellow blogger named 'A Dad' and that made me rethink. We generally do not see men sharing their emotions and so with passing time we tend to simply believe that they are fine. BUt we need to realise that it is not always 'fine' or 'fine' is not 'good' we have to make it better :) We need to realise that the men in our lives do get emotional, do get overwhelmed sometimes with all the hustle bustle of life and they might not even agree to it, they won't accept it but we know it and we have to make them feel important.

No doubt mothers are special and there is no one like a mother and likewise there is no one like a father.

Don't we like it when we are appreciated, praised, thanked, and said that people we love feel proud of us so how can it be any different for men, they are human too :P the problem is that they don't actually express things until it's too late, so the better option is to keep a check ourselves and keep giving them the medicine of love, appreciation and affection on a regular basis :P

Appreciate your man, shower him with affection, praise him and make him realise how proud you are of him... Even if you don't do it he will always love you, he will always love his child, but if you actually add this affection and appreciation he will blossom just like us, he will have a whole lot of positive energy each day to face the world just like us.

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