Mommies Would Love To Hear..
|   Feb 27, 2017
Mommies Would Love To Hear..

Whether new or experienced, young or old, a mom is a mom. Her journey is the most strenuous since she shapes the life of a new human being. Right from the start the outpouring of opinions and advice make her task difficult, hazardous and adventurous, but mommy hood isn't meant to be so. It should be a blissful one bringing heavenly pleasure.

Every mommy would love to hear the following three which can keep her de-stressed and happy,

  1. I Love You : You can never ignore the magical powers of these three endearing words. Whether directly or indirectly expressed a mommy is always in need for affection, care and concern. Blossoming of a flower doesn't depend solely on the flower; it includes rain and sunshine. Sharing the workload by the entire family is a definite expression of love. Often a fresh and hot tea or a meal remains a dream for a mother. Sometimes a surprise gift is a pleasant welcome. However, a mother is gradually taken for granted and that’s the saddest part of the journey.
  2. I Am Proud of You : A lot of appreciation of the efforts put by the mother fills the entire home with positive energy. Even the child learns respecting and loving. Just getting married and becoming a mother doesn't suddenly make her a superwoman. It's her willingness to contribute to her family that make her diligent and effective. Instead of “You should have known this before marriage”, “This is such an easy thing to do. Shame on you that you can't do!”, or “You should be more active” and similar and common criticism labeled against the hapless mommy, nurturing the motherhood with genuine recognition of her hard work bears fruitful results.
  3. Take A Break : How I always wish to hear somebody assuring me of my household duties and I am leaving for a vacation! Almost everybody advises (free advice needs to be taxed!) the mother to forget everything that distracts her from her household chores. Hardly anybody advises or forces the mother to relax and get rejuvenated. A short trip, eating out, practicing hobbies or hanging out with old friends can really refresh the mother. People fail to realize that taking a break has a positive impact on not only the mother but also the entire family.

The above three encompasses every expectation and desire of the mother. It's amusing to observe how everyone is ever ready to complain against a mother. Very few are bothered about her health - mental and physical.

“Your child doesn't have the basic values..”

“You have failed as a mother!”

The classic comparison, “In our days we used to..”

Why can't these arrogant people step into the mother’s shoe for at least a day and then continue their allegations?

Times are changing and a mother has to accommodate herself in the present time to serve better. Now that's enough reason to listen to her suppressed and untold wishes and longings.

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