My Career Choice
|   Sep 04, 2016
My Career Choice

Now that I have already paid my respect to my teachers in one article, this Teacher’s Day I would like to write something on one of the areas of a person’s life, shaped by the teachers. Yes, career it is; a life turning event which can make or break a human being.

Choosing a career is a very important decision, affected by advice and suggestions coming from parents, teachers, friends and relatives. Although we have knack for something, either it gets boosted all thanks to our supportive parents, or it gets buried deep down due to several factors, like holding the reins of the family.

Up to class 10 I had to study every subject. Oh God! How I detested science and maths! I feared them more than the dinosaurs and the deadliest monsters one can ever come across! My parents suggested that I take up Arts (Humanities) in my +2, thus avoiding those two. However, such a brave girl as I was, I took up Commerce, getting rid of only science. Arts would be too boring, needing lots of mugging up! As Fate would have it the two years took my sleep away as I fought with Maths. Thankfully, I managed to get the passing marks in the boards. The battle was over, finally.

I met with another roadblock at the graduation level. It was the task of choosing the suitable line. My mother asked me to take English as the Honours subject since it was her dream. Being a naive girl, I abided by her choice. I did my Masters in that subject as well. In between I started writing in newspaper, merely as time pass. Again, thanks to one friend I came across content writing. I was earning a little but I was really liking and enjoying writing. I thought of making it a career choice. Sadly, my choice was pushed aside as my mother wished me to take up teaching as a profession. I got enrolled in B.ed course. Before I could begin my career I got married. After that, however, I did take up teaching for a year until childbirth.

Although I taught at a school I did not enjoy it. At the beginning it raised a new hope but as the year rolled by the monotony dragged me. I realized teaching is not my calling. It is only post childbirth and after almost 2 years into serious motherhood, I thought of doing something to keep myself ticking. Household chores are enough to keep me busy and far away from the devil’s workshop, yet there was this lassitude killing me.

Thanks to Facebook and mycity4kids, I again got the inspiration to live my passion, my hobby. I came upon Mother’s Day contest by mycity4kids. I decided to give vent to the ideas crowding my mind. I did receive the goodie bag as a token of participation. That was enough to stimulate my writing. Next in the line is definitely some working from home options to look for.

Looking back I have realized that although the career choice imposed upon me did not actually harm me, there are many students who suffer great agony and trauma. It is better to open before the new aspirants the real world full of career options, and also the inclusive thorns. Let them choose, take their first faltering step. They may stumble, fall down but at least they will learn to get up on their own and be satisfied with their hard work. We have to step down to make way for the new generation to move ahead.

Looking forward I only want to raise a thinking child who can build his own destiny. As a mother I would always wish to remove all the obstacles from his path lest he gets hurt. Ouch! But then, life is a hurdle race and he needs to learn by himself how to overcome the hurdles. More than winning it should be the active and enthusiastic participation that should count in life.

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