Room Alone for 15 minutes
|   Aug 08, 2016
Room Alone for 15 minutes

Now that I am experiencing toddlerhood at its best I would like to share with you a true incident. As you all know my celebrity son, being a busybody, lacks time for minute details. This landed him in the locked bedroom of the house one day. Thankfully it was not the main door!

It was a sultry afternoon in the month of May. At 5.30pm in the evening after having his snacks my boy became fidgety since it was the time to go outside and play in the open. I took the empty bowl to keep it in the kitchen sink. Within those few seconds he rushed to the bedroom, where he gets dressed, and closed the door. I was calm because I thought I could open the door with the key, always fitted in the lock. I considered teaching him a lesson by not opening the door immediately. A few more seconds went by. Sensing something wrong, my hero tried to open the door by himself! He managed to reach the knob by standing on his toes. He got the door locked as he fidgeted with the small knob.

To my utter dismay the key outside the door was not functioning! I tried to open it by putting oil on the knob but to no avail. I could not open the door! I panicked from within but I had to do something immediately. I had to remain cool. The fan was not on and my baby was sweating. His heroism vanished as he started crying, as if saying ‘sorry’ for hurrying so much! I tried to pacify him as much as possible.

I could not call my husband for he was on an official tour. Therefore, without delay, I rushed for help from the two apartments in front of mine. The elders were not there but the kids came to my rescue! They called the watchman who gave me the chabiwala’s number. I was not in a position to call him as my mouth went dry. I was also at the verge of crying. A kid called the man and he promised to come as fast as possible.

It was 10 minutes long wait. The slow ticking was painful to bear. How miserable I felt! I was fast pacing from the bedroom door to the main door. In between I was trying to console my crying baby. Even the kids were also talking to him so that he cried less.

The man arrived within 10 minutes and it took him a minute to open the door.  He made a new key for the room. Oh! My baby! He was all wet due to sweat. I hugged him and took him in my arms. Both felt happy and relaxed with the victory. I opened his shirt, gave him some water to drink and wiped away his tears. Within seconds he became normal again. The same restless, spirited and jovial body was back in action. As the man was leaving he again rushed to close the  main door! No lesson learnt! I was like,

“What! Again!”

He gave his usual naughty smile, suggesting,

“Chill mummy, everything is fine!”

He settled down only after a trip outside for an hour.

I thanked everyone who helped me at that very moment. I also thanked God for giving me quick common sense to deal with the situation. Living in an apartment, when away from your near and dear ones is a blessing. In times of emergency, we can seek each other’s timely help.

No doubt this incident taught both of us a big lesson. I have became more aware of his pranks, and he is not closing doors in anybody's absence. Indeed, a big and memorable day for the mother and the child!

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