Those Dreaded 7 days of December
|   Dec 15, 2016
Those Dreaded 7 days of December

Goldie met Anna over a light chitchat. However, the conversation turned grim as Goldie started recollecting those last 7 days of one December. What should have been a fun-filled winter vacation road trip turned out to be a dreaded nightmare!

“It was a white ambassador car where along with 4 adults we, 3 children, were passengers. I was super excited since it was a parents-free trip, and hence, I thought it would be enjoyable. Yes, I thought!

To my utter surprise, I was forced to sit behind the driver. Not only was I given a very small space but throughout the journey I was forced to stare out of the open window. The cold winds cut my face and how much I tried to turn away my face they scolded and teased me.

I remember at one stop we're climbing a mountain. Being overweight I was fast out of breath. One of the relatives asked the guide to take me up the mountain once again for extra tips! How can a person be so cheap and mean!

Next comes the shopping. I was least interested to see what those relatives were buying yet they charged me with breaking one of their gift items!

The relatives made me bathe in cold water early in the morning. I was shivering and they were least bothered.

At the last we halted at another relative’s house. Here also I was treated extremely bad. I wasn't given proper food and I was provided with an uncomfortable space to sleep.”

Goldie paused to clear her choked throat. She again started,

“Whether the weather was really cold or the people I traveled with I couldn't comprehend then. Till today I cannot fathom the reason behind such cruelty. The people whom I believed and respected so much should be demons in disguise. They had given me a scar that hasn't healed yet, and perhaps would never be!”

It was Anna’s turn to console and rejuvenate her dear friend,

“Indeed it was a bitter experience but you should thank God for helping you to get the real picture at so early age. At least from that very age you learnt to think thrice before depending on people.”

“Yes, you are right," observed Goldie, "Over the years I have noticed that despite wealth they are suffering either from ill-health or saas-bahu conflict. That’s enough for me to keep me motivated. Life gives us lemons but even though we feel bad, hurt or wounded a wounded tigress is more dangerous than a normal one.”

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