As obvious for Sudha as for Anil!!!!!
|   Oct 22, 2016
As obvious for Sudha as for Anil!!!!!

Sudha and Anil are now happily Married.... close to couple of years now. Life has always been quite perfect for them. Hassle free arranged marriage followed by quick love and vows of being together for eternity. A perfect home with all those little achievement framed over the wall which are definitely examples of being love Birds.

What more she could have asked for. A perfect husband with no restrictions in terms of her pursuing career, her having set of personal friends, being for her parents whenever they needed her and yes if she wants to she can definitely pursue her hobby as well. Bang On!!! Lucky Girl.

Is that so. Sounds so familiar.... might be a lot of us has gone through it.

If she had worked hard for her grades and degrees why should she seek permission from her husband or his family at all to pursue her career. Wouldn't it should be her choice.

Even she was not born or brought up isolated. She grew up in a society of people. Having friends and maintaining friendship is not making you doubly sure that she is social and can face and handle strangers exactly they way she adapted to your family and friends. Why should she be answerable for her call lengths and call details.

Being for parents. She has her existence all because for her parents. Now she needs to prove herself "sanskari" by spending most of her time with her current family I.e. her husband and his family. She should be allowed to visit them. Why can't she just walk to her parents the way Anil dose.

Sad but true....we teach our daughters to be free. However, we deprive freedom from our daughter in law.

We teach our daughters to be affirmative that privilege cannot be given to daughter in law.

We teach our daughter to dress as per convenience..... dressing of daughter in law is directly proportional to family's pride. Which is closely monitored.

We teach our daughters to be self is tough handling independent daughter in law.

We educate our daughters without giving an authority to our daughter in law's to question us.

The day if at all one of these questions are answered.....that would be the first day of women being treated equally. We wouldn't have to fight for it or ask for it or beg for it. It should be as obvious for Sudha as for Anil.

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