Dada, The silent life line!!!!
|   Sep 11, 2016
Dada, The silent life line!!!!

Here yet again he shouts the Black Belt in Taekwondo " Maa.....sudho bhabo aami ooke maarle oor ki obasta hobe". To translate "Maa, can you imagine the consequences of me hitting her". Not that he was torturing his little only spoke of his tolerance towards his younger sister....who had been torturing him for no reason or might be a silly reason. I still have those memories quite vivid. It is always we ended up not expressing our emotions of love where as when it was the other way round we did not even hesitate in controlling the adverse emotions.

Talking about my brother he always had a huge contribution in my life and has always been a great inspiration for me.

My Career: He was the one who implanted the very thought of management studies and was the one who had always been the First assistance and adviser for the Corporate World. He not only hand held me to the 1st step of my career but he as well taught me to dream of the corporate world (though now not a part of it) be a part of it and yes he made me believe that I can live my dream.

My Marriage: Which was a typical inter community Love marriage with all and as much as lows possible in convincing the Older fraternity. This would have definitely not been possible without his active participation. Apart from this his presence in all and every form has made our special day a blessed one. 

My baby: People say you are reborn with your baby. Yes, I completely agree with this now. And my rebirth was witnessed by him in terms of my "godhbharaii" and those silent prayers which was definitely heard by the almighty. His contribution does not stop here. He travelled all the way from a far off land to celebrate my baby's 1st food  that is what we call it as "Annaprasanna".  And I remember his efforts to hold him in his arms and trying hard to feed him the 1st kheer.

His Contribution increases with each passing day. And I took the easy step and this platform to do which I could have never thought of before.....of Appreciating the person who had always been there for me not only to celebrate but he was and is the reason behind my celebrations, my achievements and my success stories (if at all I had any). 

I can best describe him as my SILENT LIFE LINE.....he never speaks he elder brother "DADA".

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