FB Lovers :)
|   Sep 23, 2016
FB Lovers :)

This is dedicated to all FB lovers ofcourse it is for ME as well.

Off late I was complimented as follows "Kya yaar tum bahut active rahete ho FB maine" to translate "Seems you are too active in FB these days.

Just running short of impromptu answer as always...I managed to smile back. Then yes almost after couple of weeks I came up with somewhat a better answer if not the best. As we know there is always a scope of improvement.

I took all the pain to open a FB account, filling up all possible details starting from birth, education, occupation, marriage, life events so on and so forth.

I am human, I appreciate being appreciated. So I'm using the web way to be appreciated. I love when I get "N" number of likes. That not only boast my Morale it makes me happier as well.

And most importantly if I want my life to be secure and secret...then at 1st place why do I need a FB account.

Yes, If you say we stay connected think again. Being friends exclusively on FB actually keeps you connected.

I have a better suggestion to "stay connected"...If you want to stay connected with any individual just call him / her in any of his / her special occasion. And the call is not required to be more than couple of minutes, trust me it will work wonders. Clicking on LIKE button might not be that effective or magical....as we say their is no shortcut to success.

This was in general....on personal front I am active on FB as I am curious about everything and everyone around me. Why So??? I am people's person I learn and unlearn a lot from my friends, acquaintance and yes I have that gossiping instinct in me as well.

That is what I am....I think that is what I am meant to be.

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