Story of a loved couple with language difference's:
|   Jun 17, 2016
Story of a loved couple with language difference's:

In the cosmopolitan world I came across a person whom i met, loved and eventually married...however, we both are from different community with different culture and for sure with different Mother tongue. With hell lot of differences, we are definitely more in from the very first day of our relationship...we planned to "Celebrate our Differences" and that is what we are religiously following it.

"Born lucky" that is how i am always addressed. So carrying my luck on sleeves, though not soon but for sure we were blessed with our baby. Overjoyed parents as all are, always want the best for your kid. With all the best wishes showering on him from all corners. Some creepy questions also which culture will he follow or let me re phrase it which language is he to learn, will it me mother tongue or Father tongue (the way it is for him). Post a lot of contemplations this is what we as (trying hard to be ) sincere parents came up with:

How in the world it will be affecting any one of us say the person who is writing it or the person who is reading it, if he learns more than one language that he needs to communicate at home.

We express ourselves better and more deeply in mother tongue (bingo!!! it is both Father and Mother tongue for him) he will be double the more expressive.

I See an unseen connection within people who share their mother tongue....imagine he will have double the more connections and friends. (Being Optimistic on this)

Moreover, the baby does not understand my word what he relates to is my presence and heartfelt feelings for him...which is always best expressed in mother tongue. So be it, my Boy you will be more emphatetic. So long live the expressions are best refleted in our eyes, touch and the time we spent together.....words will come by themselves and keep adding in our Vocab strength.

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