Buyer Beware - A list of useless items for your newborn
|   Jun 09, 2017
Buyer Beware - A list of useless items for your newborn

In the 5th month of my pregnancy, the urge to start shopping for the upcoming baby sprung upon me. I decided to visit the shops and was horrified at the innumerable items and gadgets that according to all salespeople were must-haves. I was further shocked at the prices and wondered if I would be eating into our retirement fund. The whole episode left me dumb struck and after roaming around for 2 hours I came back home empty handed. Clearly, I was not prepared and something had to be done.

So, naturally Google came to the rescue. There were multiple lists online and they varied from one other. The next step was to ask my own mother and some close friends. Then began the natural desire to make a colour coded spreadsheet (true story). I labelled the must haves, the maybe later and promised as gifts. Despite the organised approach, the list was way too elaborate. But, what the hell…this child would be my first born. If that is how you feel too then it is likely that you want to buy a store for your newborn; I suggest you resist the temptation. Learn from my mistakes and I guess many moms must have made them. After all, the baby stores count on moms for falling in love with the gorgeous bedding sets to the duck hooded towels.

Here is a quick list of over rated products and there is no need for (in my opinion):

1. Bathtub thermometer – Mommies, you are intelligent and smart. If your elbow finds the water hot then it must be. You are capable and will be capable of identifying a lukewarm temperature of the water for a baby’s bath. Some genius came up with this idea and is laughing all the way to to the bank.

2. Baby shoes – Firstly a baby does not walk and if your argument is oooh they are so cute then let me add that a baby’s feet grow by the minute. They are useless and in fact not recommended as they can impact a baby’s walking (when she does walk) and cerebral movement.

3. Baby powder – Wet wipes work wonderfully for the baby’s business. Baby powder can in fact cause breathing trouble and serious lung damage for babies if they inhale the particles.

 4. Onesies – This is not something not to have of course but how many to have is the question. Babies grow fast and while the pint sized onesies are adorable and make you want to have more babies – resist! Buy, different sized onesies and don’t hoard. Once your pregnancy hormones settle you will realise that if you are falling short of clothes then you can order them online and visit the shops later too!

5. Baby food- maker – I assure you that the masher or mixer or hand blender works perfectly. You do not need another gadget and can easily save this money to buy a lego set or a doll house later. 

6. Stuffed animals- Trust me; there will be no shortage of stuffed animals once that baby is born. One or two will probably come as gifts and before you know they tend to multiply! More importantly, it is suggested not to let your baby sleep with stuff toys until she is 12 months old as babies can accidentally get suffocated while sleeping. This surprisingly is true for even bumpers, blankets and quilts. This is serious and here is a reference.

7. Baby knee pads – Think about it, babies have been crawling forever and crawling is not a game of cricket. This has been created just for kicks I tell you. And if you really do find a need for them, then simply cut the top ends of old baby socks and use or even a better idea is to use a foam mat on the floor.

There could be more of those not so essential products out there but this is my list. I think the following rule applies often – if your mom did not use it then chances are that you don’t need it. Good luck and happy mommyhood.


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