A Confession To A Mom From A Self Declared Daughter.#Momspiration
|   May 11, 2017
A Confession To A Mom From A Self Declared Daughter.#Momspiration

It's a story of a mother ( Asha ) who had 3 sons and always wanted a daughter but destiny had other plans. Asha was an orthodox lady full of dedication towards family. She was a lady for whom family and home make the world. Asha finally got a daughter after the marriage of her eldest son. 

Asha used to take care of her daughter-in-law (Swetha) like her own daughter but she was a little tough. Asha didn't understand what a newly wed girl of this generation wants. Being the eldest of all the daughter-in-law's Swetha was always bombarded with responsibilities and had to take special care of all the members of the family all alone because she was supposed to be the one who was going to be the backbone of the future generation. Swetha used to feel bad sometimes. She felt she was losing the precious moments of her newly married life.

As time went by Asha understood Swetha's feelings and tried her best to make her daughter-in-law comfortable. She changed herself according to the direction of the wind. She accepted changes easily and improved herself with every coming situation. She put a lot of efforts and the girl was equally giving her mother-in-law the required support. Now Asha is 52 years old and a mother of 3 sons and 3 daughters. Accepting 3 new members in the family whole-heartedly and easily isn't possible for each one of us.

Treating 3 new girls from 3 different families and different backgrounds, giving them love in every possible way, especially like our own kids is not an easy task. Asha always tries to make her daughters comfortable. She always makes special edible delights for her daughters keeping in mind what each of them likes. Whenever Asha goes for a vacation or any new place she may not get gifts for her sons but she never forgets her daughters. 

I, being a daughter of such a mother-in-law can say, she is the one who is an inspiration for me to accept people how they are. I have made a lot of mistakes but she has forgiven me each and every time and always tried to make me better in every aspect. She is always there for me. I can rely on her and trust her blindly. All these little things make my mother-in-law very special. Her care, concern and love is just unconditional.

I had heard her saying to an aunty once "maa tho ban nahi sakti par koshish karti rehti hun ki saas nahi banu". I want to tell her that I have already found my mom in her and she need not worry about what I feel about her because, I have declared myself as her daughter and a mother-daughter relationship is like a needle and thread, separate but still together forever and ever. I feel lucky to have you and it just doesn't matter whether you came in my life because of destiny or by choice because, i would undoubtedly pick you to be my mother-in-law even if I had to make a choice.

If every daughter finds a mother in her mother-in-law then a relationship in which in-laws has to be attached will not exist.


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