A Dad Who Tries To Make Me An Independent Mom At Every Step
|   Dec 26, 2016
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A Dad Who Tries To Make Me An Independent Mom At Every Step

Recently I went through a situation where I realized the importance of collective upbringing in every day life.

It was a vaccination day for my 2 year old and I was waiting for my better half to come back home so that we can visit the doctor together because it was a vaccination day and after that may be I will have to hold my little one in arms and I will not be able to drive. Yes, that's what I thought.

But that particular day when he came back from work and I said we need to go to the doctor for the vaccination, he replied " why didn't you go? You must have got it done by now. You are already late by a week. " I said I thought we'd go together. He said why do you need me for a vaccination?

He usually doesn't behave like that. I felt bad, really bad. I thought he doesn't understand why I needed him for my daughter's vaccination so let him be. I will take her to the doctor by myself. Then I took her and the vaccination was done . Though she cried for a minute after the needle was pierced she was calm later. Then I took my two wheeler and drove her back home. She didn't cry after that one minute and everything went smooth enough to be done alone.

On my way back home, I realised what my husband wanted me to understand. It was to show me that I can do things alone, without his help and I shouldn't have delayed the vaccination for a week because of him. In the mean time he helped my elder one with her homework. That was his way of helping me out.

He always lets me do things independently. Let it be any work he makes me feel confident that I can do them all. Be it feeding them, taking them out to a park, taking them to school, to a doctor, putting them to sleep anything and everything. At the same time I am also sure that he can do everything. He had also changed the diapers of the younger one when I was busy attending the elder one. There is nothing which comes under parenting and he will not do it. He never says that's a mom's job. Wait for her to come and she'll do it. When I am not there he does everything like I do. Life as a mom becomes simple because of the support of a doting dad.

He always says doing things together for kids makes the task easy. But when we can do a work alone we must do it because, kids learn what they see and when they see their mom and dad doing everything they will also learn doing everything without any inhibitions( they'll never say it is a mom's job or a dad's, anyone else's job in particular ). I feel happy and satisfied having him by my side. And I believe happy parents make happy and healthy babies.

It's not that he agrees to whatever I do. Of course, we have different views on many situations but he lets me deal the way I want to and he has his own way of tackling things. Sometimes we argue also but all is well that ends well and the argument phase does not go longer than a few minutes.

As per a survey conducted 97% of the doctors believe that both parents must be involved for a baby's development and I truly believe in the fact that collective upbringing of a child will always make the way for a healthy and bright future generation.

I am So lucky to have a partner like him and my kids could not have got a better dad. He definitely completes me as a parent. Sometimes, I feel that if judged he definitely will make a better parent than me.


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