From No to a Yes - Johnson & Johnson
|   May 25, 2017
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From No to a Yes - Johnson & Johnson

My daughter was suffering from Atopic dermatitis(skin disease), so the first thing that everyone recommended was to stop using the products which were not friendly for her skin. And just after a few days I had read an article about Johnson and Johnson products. As every mum is worried about the baby's well being even I wanted the best for my baby. So, I had stopped using J&J products without even giving a second thought.

Now after so many years I got a chance to get a deeper knowledge of those products. I didn't want to miss this chance because the brand itself is coming face to face and clarifying all the doubts a mum has so that she can decide what is best for her baby.

There were a lot many things which I came to know about the J&J products. The first thing I came to know was especially about the use of the powder and soap. I had never read that instructions part on the powder's container . I was using it all the wrong way. I had directly sprinkled the powder on my baby's skin and applied the soap directly sometimes. But according to the directions to use we must lather bar in hand, gently cleanse and snuggle. Similarly, the powder should be taken on our palms first and not sprinkled directly on the baby's skin.I also came to know that the products can not only be used on the new borns and infants but the older kids can also use them.

For me it was a re-introduction to the old products, and introduction to the new products like J&J top to toe bar especially for the babies with dry skin and the J&J baby laundry detergent. I also came to know that all the products are clinically proven mild and are dermatologist and allergy tested.

The DIY session also made us realise that the products were really very mild and very skin friendly. Because of the tests done I can easily say they can be used for the babies with delicate skin type.  Fragrance is also important and helps in the sensory development of a child was also a fact which I realised that day.All thanks to J&J for directly reaching mums because they are the best people to decide what is the requirement of her baby's skin type and also to mycity4kids for being the best medium to make this happen.


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