My Parents And My Daughters- A Joyful Relationship
|   Aug 24, 2016
My Parents And My Daughters- A Joyful Relationship

Since my childhood days I have heard a saying "interest gives more pleasure than the principle amount ". I have always thought why people say this.Now, when I see the relationship of my mother with my daughters I can completely relate with that.

My mom used to call me very rarely when I was in hostel for studies and after my marriage also we spoke once in few days. No specific reason. It is just that she is busy with her work. But, that was not the case after I had kids. That frequency increased after my younger one arrived. When my health is not good they call me once in a day or two and if anyone of my daughter's is unwell they keep a check on their health by calling me every few hours.

There is a special attachment between nani (my mother)and her grandchildren. Both the girls were delivered at my mom's place and I was there for almost three months both times. So, my mom and dad had to take care of me and the kids too. They used to stay awake the whole night just to play with the girls as they used to sleep in the day time and were active in the night. Mumma used to leave all her work just to spend time with kids.

And now when the girls are a little grown up my parents just go crazy. Dad says when kids are around my mom forgets all the body pains which she regularly has. Dad postpones his meetings just to spend time with the little ones. Grandparents do everything the kids love like taking them out to the park, exhibition, zoo. Just because my daughter had asked my dad to go on a ride with her he sat on a toy horse and went for a toy train ride with her. Seeing them enjoy every moment i feel the clock must stop ticking. I have never seen them so happy and joyful. My dad tries to capture whatever he can in his camera and watches them when kids are not with him. They feel the time which they have with the kids must be utilised in the best way. They know they will have to wait till next summer to meet them again. They collect various gifts which the kids like so that they can give them when they meet next.

My mom never cried when I used to leave for my in laws place.She was always strong. That's not the case now. She had tears in her eyes when I came back the last time and said one month went by so soon and I didn't even realise.

Lucky are the people whose Mayka(mom's place) and sasuraal(in law's place)are in the same city. I have to travel miles to meet my parents. No offence to dada dadi(mother-in -law and father- in-law). They love the kids equally.

If I had a wish to fulfill it would be that the kids must get a chance to stay with nani and dadi equally. Six months each which is practically impossible. But, as they say there is no limit for dreams. How I wish human beings also had wings and could fly whenever and wherever they like to.

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