Roll no 21- Should We Allow Kids To Watch It?
|   Jul 17, 2017
Roll no 21- Should We Allow Kids To Watch It?

Roll no 21 is an Indian animated television series. It is a modern take on Krishna and Kansa's rivalry. In this show Kansa has reincarnated as Kanishk sir, the principal of Mathura anath ashram where he makes evil plans to take over the world. Krishna has reincarnated as Kris, a student at Kanishk's school. Kanishk sir along with some help come up with new plans all the time to destroy Kris and get rid of him and the latter does everything to defeat him.

This show has got visually appealing animations with a witty story line. All the situations revolve around the school, students and teachers, so kids can connect with the show very easily. Principal Kanishk sir just creates trouble for Kris and his friends  with the help of the teachers in his school and a few naughty students. Kris becomes the savior and helps all the students to come out of the principal's trap. 

I completely agree that it's​ just a television animated series and should not be taken very seriously but, what will kids learn by watching it? Does a teacher treat his students like that, and can the students trouble their teachers in return? Going to school leads to situations that get the kids in trouble? Is the relationship of a teacher and student depicted in a proper way?  I just didn't like the concept behind the show. Characters like Uncle Scrooge, Alice , Flinstones and many more were witty as well as harmless emotionally. They were not hurting, neither to the heart nor to the mind. So, even if seen for sometime there was nothing wrong.

But, the chemistry between the student and teacher can make or break the student's future. Of course, if not taken seriously it's just a silly cartoon show with lots of fun. But, is it worth watching? What if kids take the situations seriously and relate themselves anyhow?

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